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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Patriotism and Patriotism

When we talk about Patriotism, what do we really talk about? You Name it, we are talking about US-Patriotism. As far as I know this term is nowhere that much used like in the US. It is nearly a Religion. Unfortunately also many NWO Enemies did not yet disconnect from US Patriotism as if that had ever been something well. Let me ask you, if you are an US Citizen: For who that Patriotism had been well? The US had never been attacked by no other Country unless by itself and its allies: 911, I won`t deepen that Topic because it is boring to me. I know that this had been a false flag human sacrifice in order to attack as many countries as they like since it happens. There is otherwise only one other attack to be mentioned on American soil: that had been the European attack on the Red People who were living on American Soil. This genocidal policy never ended since. The US-EU launched one war-genocide after the next one against Folks all over the planet. That exactly had been the means of US Patriotism: killing People and robbing them to bring things to that point which really matters. It had been a very primitive way of life. Nothing to be kept alive. Periode, to use American slang for that case. Please note: I am not talking about US Civilians; I am talking about a Mindset and People from the US who had been ready in order of power and greed to go for that primitive Lifestyle. There had been many US Citizens doing that always using Patriotism and Freedom as legitimations. The US People had not been bringing any freedom nor other things of value to the People on Earth, in fact not even for themselves in total. There is no other Country whith more dehumanized People than the US herself. The cruelty which is practized can only be compared with that one in Saudi Arabia, but even if some Fanatic States can hold the run on cruelty they cannot hold it in numbers. If we only think on the masses of lost children, if we only think on the masses of legally and illegally drugged People, if we only think on the masses of imprisoned People, if we only think on the masses of mental sick People, the list of horrific bullshit is endless. Even the cruelty of Police officers is unseen on Earth otherwise. I cannot even compare China with the US because it is not possible to compare apples with bananas. China had been threatóned by the Queen or the Old World Order like a peace of shit, just like the red People. 1 third of Chinese People had been murdered by the Opium wars: the US pretty within that Genocide. So, even if it might be planned in Hegelian Strategy to get Russia and China in war against the US-EU-Nato countries (and I scare things are like that but I scare does not mean I really know), it still remains, what I had been saying. To not let that happen it would be an advice on all US Citizens to detach from their so called Patriotism, with other words to stop their Murderous ways all over the globe because we, the People are tired from that. If Russia and China or any other Country should come over there and attack you: please defend yourself. But if not: please stay at home and leave other People to defend themselves, whenever they should get attacked: so far we must notice that they usually get atcp tacked from the US. We will come much Forward, if US Citizen stop mentally their attachment with the US-Company. It is a Company okay?