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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mummies asking for Drones

While they are playing the chemical-poisoned Masses in the US mainly with the Card of Anti-Discriminisation of Homosexuals and Black People, they are playing in Germany the also poisoned masses mainly with the Card of Feminism. The Newcoming Lizzard Mummies of Germany is the Aristocrat-Female Van der Leyen who had spent them Aristocratsalready some offspring. Both of them, her Husband and herself are Aristocrats. She is the Warrior Minister in the BRD (former Germany)and asking for Drones. Can you imagine, in times in which they told the masses to not even think on more than two children and better to do not get any child but to think on Mamas Career, this FEMALE brew 7 children just like her Father who presented Families and other people some nuclear poison in Gorleben. Somehow she could also manage to first study Economy and then to study Medicin and practize as Medical Doctor aside her engagement as Mummie from 7 children (I guess she were holding them in a Boarding School). Her also somehow Aristocrat Husband could manage to be a successfull manager and a Medical Doctor and Professor (pretty interested into Hearts and Organs). After some time of Education in the US Company, where they were living for 4 years, they came back and Mummie Van der Leyen got 1-2-3 Jobs, guess where? Exactly, in the Government of the US Branch Germany. She got first Family Minister, as such she took care that mothers went for their career and then she got Work-Minister and made sure, that Mamas got well work: One-Euro-Jobs. Now she is asking as our newest Warrior Minister for Drones. Okay they told her so in the US or may be in Suisse. Of course, I know, we are suffering under much of Paranoia, so they say: but as discriminated we are as Conspiracy Theorists, we love to warn nevertheless: Folks connect the dots. By the way, Mummie loves to mention ISIS. Hope you know already that they love to carry double and even more multiplied messages,messages within messages? . Those from the inner circle will know what it is meant, while you from the outer circle, who they fight all over the Globe, get another message. That it is the Lizzard-Style. You see they will even use their own Goddess named ISIS to blame their own Mercenaries, who they use to kill MankindPeople in the Middle East or wherever. Those on the other side of the curton, they will tell, that they would fight these ISIS mercenaries, who are actually not another power but another Branch of ISIS, them Lizzies. Please Men and Women all over the Globe: These FEMALES Van der Leyen and Merkel are not MANKIND nor GermanMankind. The Romantical Empire took over allthough our free ancestors did their best those days when these Romans from ISIS called us uncivilized Barbareans because they were concerned about our Freedom. They needed Slaves. These German playing Mummies are from ISIS. How I know? I get allergic reactions when they are opening their mouths, not even about the content of their words (allthough they are a chronicle insult on my intelligence) but their sound: not human. This Comedean right hand is only making these allergic reactions also in you somehow acceptable, don`t think he would resist them; he is part of that show.