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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can we eat Gold?

We can of course not eat Gold nor Silver, but at least it had been of some metallic value better than a digital bit .... However, at least there are 2 persons with me 3 who consider Money as a Spell. Freeman, M. Tellinger and me, I guess much more but we do not know them yet. And now the Gold is running ... somewhere, you see, Gold is very magick, it can even run away. Now who took it out? Lets listen what Michael Tellinger has to tell about it Note, I do not agree to everything Michael is telling, at least I do not believe that these Nephilims created Man, may be they altered them ... but I do not think that was the case all over. But this is for another time. You never knew why they do not farm in Africa allthough they can make 3 harvests in a single year? People are starving for this shit: Gold, Diamonds, Silver Ever wondered over never ending Slavery?