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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

If you are in ...(war)

you have to deal with it, don`t you? With other words, when somehow you came into the womb of Mom you were dwelling there in for a while. You could either coop or you didn`t and died off. When you could coop you grew and came out by birth and somewhere else in ...In Grandma`s womb otherwise known as Sophia or Kali or Mutter Erde, there are no real folks which would not recognize Earth as Mama. Okay, there indeed have been the Vatican Boys who had had some kind of mindproblems with these basics of life. Again: If you wonna live in and on Mama you must surrender to her conditions of existance. Periode. You knew that when you were an embryo but somehow lateron you just forgot about it? Well, that it is what we are facing these days. A holy mass shit of nusty idiots who do not recognize Mama any longer. A bunch of fullidiots (and you are of course the exception, don`t you?) who are moving on the (sur)face of Mama being sprayed from above with chemtrails and pissing on Mama`s face fluorided and chemtrailes Pipi and you know all the rest; I can`t repeat it again and again ( I did that about 4 years in my former blog) without getting stupid about mankinds willingly kept ignorance which is indeed an insult of basic intelligence, the intelligence which we had had already when we were in our little Mamas womb. We need air, water, light(fire), soils ... with other words the organic elements which Mama provides in wellbeing measurement ... or not, it depends. So the difference to your makingtime is, you are not that fetus anylonger, who of course had been that happy to just take what was coming. Yes that had been for some not really been that nice (because many little Moms had been deceived into taking all kind of bad foods and pills) as it should have been but yet it was comfortable, don`t? You had had not to care about anything at all. Mom did it. And you know what? She will do it again, these days big Mama because she is fucked off from being pregnant with mankind who even thinks to be God and the wonder no 1 in the entire Universe but behaves just like a fucking childish idiot and not as an adult. So now listen carefully: You need to make a difference between the ecofascism agenda 21, which wants you to agree into overpopulation and the need for eugenics on a mass scale (and they are all in it: the greens, greenpeace and so fort ) and your childish participation in pissing on Mama. The Ecofascists will use y-our weakettness for their cruelty and turn it against us as need to be eliminatedt in order to rescue Big Mama. But: Therefore they are poisoning Mother Earth and all of her Earthlings and let us act it out, so that they can stand up to tell us: we need to safe Mother Earth from you. Can you answer to that different than: true, we idiots attacked Mother Earth? So we have to do something and cannot go on to allow them to furtheron put any kind of poison on Earth. You simply have now to deal with it as an adult. What does that mean? Lately my best friend who still hopes he can get around the threat by some kind of miracle, which he of course cannot explain that well to me, so he .. also sometimes needs to admit that the sky looks not that well, in fact bad .... by that debate, when I told him straight to please act like an adult and to not comply as best as even possible, he immediately associated his participation in Agenda 21 by his need to be among Football-Propaganda. I know him well and so I know how he sounds, when he is dibbering with himself: but I love my football shit, even if I know it is shit .... But: Meanwhile I am getting much much harder with my dibbering people: Stop it. Be an adult and do not participate in things any longer from which you know that they are fucked off not only for you but also for Mama and her Earthlings. How many people are viewing each night or day or however Pornos? Don`t they participate in pedophilia and rape? They actually do: they are the customers even if they seemingly do not pay ... they will pay with the destroyed Morals and Hearts of humans. Victims of the pornorings are paying with rape and death. So, what I am asking you here is: Make yourself an honest list in which way you personal participate in the agenda of destruction, like this: Am I watching TV? Am I eating fast food? Am I taking pills from which I do not really know what it is in them? Am I watching Pornos? Am I watching Footbool and all these other Massevents Am I using drugs or alcohol? Am I consuming things which I do not really need and throw them later on the dust? Am I using toothpaste? and more ... All these things you can stop for free and by your own, right now. They have not yet implanted a TV in your house. They have not yet ordered you to eat by force fast food. Do they? So it is not true that you can actually not do anything at all. Of course you can get out of all these mentioned things only by acting like an adult. It might take you a while because you are an addict to many of these things above, but you won`t really need more than 6 month or something, in case you behave like an adult, that means you are dealing with facts. And that it is urgendtly needed. We are in a war. Additional to yourself I am asking you as well to treat your people with seriosity. You cannot leave them doing harm to themselves and others with that special sort of tolerance which only fits ignorance. Before you have not been doing or better leaving these compliant things it actually makes no real sense if you are consuming tons of conspiracy informations ... nothing comes out of that. You are informed to being murdered but don`t act? So, I am asking you now for seriosity of an adult. Act reasonable. Further actions will be needed but how can we discuss them if we have not even started with seriosity these steps as mentioned as serios warriors.