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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola and other Frauds

I did not respond here on Ebola yet because I did not want to feed that nonsense. The Reptilean Overlords are really asking a lot of attention, they seem to have high inflation in their internal needs for such attentions. Every day another Scandal, here and there and everywhere: Not that attacks on humanity do not happen, they do: last year they were brain genociding the Ukranean people for the days to come, the rest of the intended Genocide through People Resistance Fraud. Please note how Sheikh brings about the truth to then turn it into Scripture, Koran Scripture, whose people shall play their part-icipation in the whole game. I need to work here with sources of all kind including clerical sources. You have to understand that the best deceptions run through part-truth-stories, otherwise they would be dismissed at once. So, if you wonna understand the plan the Muslims shall play according to the Reptilean Overlords, who are controlling the whole Old World Order and wish to bring about their New World Order, you must look at the whole picture to get a view through it and not fixed in their ideologies. All Religions, including the Native Indean Religions are pretty much in that Prophecy of the Endgame which will unfortunately kill a lot of humans and animals ...but God or Allah or Jehovah or Mannitou (grandfather) had planned these things, you know: don`t border with them, they will end up well: you might be killed or that lucky to be enslaved till your savior comes ... May be the Ones from the bloodsucking Vampires otherwise known as Red Cross. You see these guys were found in guess where?, correct in Suisse and edited by the Sisters of ISIS ...egals SS who then rewarded Henry Dunant with this . What a well Cover Up for Vampires to get everywhere without being discovered as Ashwhole who sucks human Blood, DNA and who knows what else, bodies? to be "inhabited from Demons or what? Also Money and Viruses and other weapons could get provided pretty well for the Mecenaries and victims and the Management on both sides. So, now we got EBOLA. Another Fraud. From where they said EBOLA came? In all these countries in Westafrica where the US-Elite is supressing and exploiting people since a long while: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Oil and Diamands. And you get mad about Ebola? Can`t you think? We survived the Svine Flu. How that came about? People didn`t buy the lies and did not take the vaccines, including the Doctors, who did not take the vaccines neither. Here now we get who? You say it: The Red Cross needs red blood to be vaccined and where? Where the US-Pharaohs shall bring in Soldiers. Don`t get me wrong. Of course they could go for such Pandemic and sicken us with Viruses. But therefore you don`t go for a vaccine. You look after yourself and your people. You have your Colloid Silver and Vitamin C and MMS. That`s it.