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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No global but regional Village

You knew it long ago, didn`t you? When all the Globe would have been globalized the schism would crash, this way or in a better way. Now it will be up to you and you and you to choose between this way or a better way. What it is this way? This way, at least since the Neolithean Revolution, when people started to grab land by all means and especially the means of war, following Gods and their prophecies who would win and who would die. That it is the simple use of Religions, sounds even like regions and legions, not so? Really folks, start to think: our ancestors never got convinced to join a Religion unless by the force of the sword (cross)and other tools to be used as weapons. If you couldn`t effort a sword or additional, you took a stick (wand), of course they would work better with some poison. Again it would be useful to protect oneself with a shield or to hide in the clothes of a monk and to offer the enemy some vine till he would die, probaly by the final use of a knife and as these things work out pretty magical you get the meaning of a Knight of Templar. Of course, please note, tricks had never been a problem: changing names, using codes and symbols .. all these things work till today, don`t they not? Of course there are days and times in which it is not that wise to devide and conquer but others which fit better and that knowledge made and makes illuminated. Of course it also fits the bills of Evil to use the Elements: fire for firearms, water to sink ships and bring floods and poison ... and so fort and so fort. ...And no more so fort - because it cannot go on so fort. But how? Familysystem/Tribes, Villages, little regions ... in which people know one another, help one another, share what they experience... that is not Communism governed by a State or Hidden hands. Yes I know, we are still under Governance and all the Symbols in the next video...but please keep some humor:it is the way even when we first have to free the Secret People from their burden.