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Saturday, October 25, 2014

USA and Germany and UK and everywhere

Of course such kind of impudence does not make the USers more attractive to the rest of the people on Earth, really not. Even the US mercenaires do not really find themselves attractive ... at least after their murderwork. They were well paid: mercenairies always get well paid. Do they? Okay that depends; if they take in account that they could be dead or injured things sound different. Somehow the US and their people are brainwashed people, sickened with a mixture of poisons: greed and false heroism as if they would be the biggest ...Okay, the rest of the world can see that point. The US is inhabited by the biggest ashwholes, in percentage ... only ISRAEL brings a higher percentuage of ashwholes relatively to their population. But, really folks including my dear Germans: control yourself. Revange is a way but not a good way. It is even pretty ignorant. Did most of us Germans say anything like Ami go home, kill yourself if you like but not others Okay we had had many people who had been demonstrating again and again in that way but lately, the younger generation got pretty much spookey, just like the brainwashed USers. They eat American food, wear American clothes, watch American Movies, use American Mobiles and all of the mindcontrolling drugs and propaganda. Germans: don`t blame them people in the US more than yourself. What are you doing to prevent that German Soldiers are being sent to the Ukraine? Many Russians are living among us, many people from the Ukraine as well. How stupid had been our ancestors that they went for the Murderwork in WWII ... Do we want to get better in that stupidity? Control your anger my dear Germans, it is anger about ourselves, that we were not strong enough to do something effectively to defeat that horrible Viruse yet, which brings humans to kill other humans. That is a sickness, something caused by the Djinns/Demons/Archons, something which is operating within us, giving us false views and emotions. It will never stop if now you feel satisfied that the USers are getting wracked. They will not be the the first ones but those from that cultured Empire America the Archons used to infect this time pretty seriously..not with Ebola but with that Viruse: Kill, Kill, Kill ....With the Killerviruse. Of course they need to go home and get healthy. Of course we must in case defend ourselves against US-mercenairies ... and hopefully you are prepared to do so. But please, don`t wish them USers any harm because of such sick feeling of revange (Schadenfreude). Be happy that many of them are now using much of their time and get real heroes to educate as much as people as possible on Earth that we all together can defeat the sickness. George Carlin is one of the first USers who somehow got brain healthy. Even if I see some topics slightly different: he detached a lot of bullshit already. The only question you might have at the end of this video: Why is he sitting there with those ladies who are making propaganda to "outbrew" the white race ...there were times to balance white supremacy which had there place. And folks, we are all humans and nobody is perfect. So what we do now: The People of the US and the Germans and the British People have to make a stand and force the Governments of the US,Germany and Uk, which are essentially the same, out of office because of treason against humnity. How can we do that? As much as non-compliance as possible and reasonable. Folks make sound, it is about our all life on the whole Planet. Your government, just to make sure that we talk about the same government London Washington DC Berlin Oh by the way, these people also have the same government like us Moskow Sydney Banjul/Gambia Western Jamiaca Brazil We really do not to take care on the planet, the planet will know how to act ... but it seems that we need to take care on our Government Citizens of Everywhere: here some folks who need to speak to you