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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Michael Tsarion, Basics

John Lash would get mad on the idea that Aliens could have manipulated our DNA and history because and this is his usual argument: the Nag Hamadi or the Telestai didn`t say so. Allthough I really love the story of Gaia Sophia I am not well equipped for any kind of cube in which alone my thoughts are allowed to move. When observing a lot of humans, and I had to caused by my profession, I can only wonder how alienized humans can behave. To show you that, I only need to show you, how the so called Aboriginals behave and how horrific arteficial the Australean Cro Magnums behave. Here we can see a recovery group trying to get back from the ab-ab-ab-or what-aboriginal to the Aboriginals. The men even get it better on "reset to natural design" than the woman who remain clearly in their arteficial robot style. Here you can check another recovery group from alienisation. You see, body language is telling us much more than words, at least me. I can`t give you scientific this and that but I can tell you what my inner voice is telling me: the Ones are the Earthlings and the others ..who really knows? So; I do not oppose Michael Tsarions and other peoples ideas of an alienisation through gene manipulations as a real historical problem which mankind had to go through but I can`t close the gap between High Civilisations and the simple and lovely Earthling lifestyle. Or in another way said: I hate High Civilisations and it does not really matter to me if they came from the West to the East or the other way round. What matters to me is that we have lost our Neanderthal-lives in Europe ... everything natural got civilized. I can not follow Michael`s (eirisch) pride on that civilisation, wether it is claimed as Eirish Invention or as Jewish Invention or who ever else claims to be the editor of this clearly mad civilisation which conquered the Natural-Man on the Globe ... In any case it fucks me up. I cannot see the point either that with Cro-Magnum and his bigger head more inspiration and creativity would have appeared as if a bigger thing is automatically the thing with with more capacities. Meanwhile we have pretty small nano-computers ... the argument does not fit reality. I rather guess that a split was done to our brains so that so many cannot connect that easy their left and right hemisphere and tend to suicidal pretty unhappy habits. As shown here with simple examples the lesser civilized small head "Neanderthals" tend to dance and sing but not to transform themselves into robots who are working around the clock and poison the Globe. Michael loves to quote Freud ...Freud had not much of goodies for mankind but invented the theory for pedophilia and the last supper (war on our minds) against human-Earthling nature, namely that we tend to live in families. He used to tell us that little children would love to sex their parents, even to murder them to get the concurrent out of the way (sons kill fathers /daughters kill mothers). But one goodie he had had when he stated that all neurosis and psychiatric diseases appeared with "civilisation". Civilisation was the point of mans fall into slavery and permanent wars. We should be pretty carefull with that word or code.... only because we are repeating it again and again it does not get a positive thing. Wherever that "Civilisation" took place, we got to face Pyramids, exploitation and manslaughter and that crazy way to go against nature instead of enjoying her, we tried to make nature better ... to get her under control ... for who? Who was not adapted to her? The Earthlings, who I call the Neanderthals (indigenous people) were adapted to nature; we can still see that. It was Cro-Magnum who was not as adopted to Earth like the Earthlings (Natives, Indigineous, Neanderthals) had been. Instead of singing, dancing, swimming, laughing and enjoying their lives in natural tribes we are holding conferences in meanwhile pretty unnatural groups called Nations and are governed with ideologies which end up in crusades about the holy stupidity who would be right and who would be wrong. Somehow my Alien DNA got lost during so many generations who had passed the madness already. Of course I can manage all the Alien-Techniques: I can switch on and off a TV with University Degree but deep inside I am what I am, a Neanderthal -not really different from the Ab or Originals in Australia. The difference might be that Europe does not even offer a reservation camp for surviving Earthling-Human-Fossils like me. And so I am wandering through hardworking intellectual-spiritual Knowers ideas who are trying to press out any nonliving book for truth ....No smile, no laugh, and no tears: neither to be seen from John Lash nor from Michael Tsarion ... The American-US-EU Cro-Magnum-Disease. Folks: the left brain will never bring us back into the right hemisphere, we need to connect the 2 hemispheres, that means to grow between them, that little bridge right over the eyebrows, what we see on the Neanderthals pretty well ... it is for a reason that all Earthlings got attacked and mostly genocited. The Transhumanism Agenda is not running just since these days. The recovery will not be that easy especially if led from white people who did not yet realize how far disconnected they are by themselves. Just imagine one of our Shamans, either John Lash or Michael Tsarion within the Bushes of the Aboriginals ... those guys would fall in sleep when they had to follow all the theories and books and philosophies. That said I nevertheless suggest you to study Michael Tsarions teaching ... but don`t forget your recover group from getting transformed into a robot-like being.