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Monday, December 15, 2014

Scriptures and Racism

When will humans understand? Whenever somebody comes along with his God and even stories what all that God would do, if they used to come not with God but with Guns. Africa is a big example of that: First they had open Babylon, then Judaism, then Islam and then Christianity. And they transferred their basic tribal Voodoo in all of these "Religions". Though Africa is one example of the Unity of Kings,their priest and their warriors, it was not the onliest example. How comes that Dr. Mackey does not use his really well historical method, that Kings come along with their priests and warriors, when it comes to Europe? How comes, that he also stops his methods, when it comes to Africa, so as if history started with the Christian Invasion of Africa, the youngest and not the first of all Invasions in Africa? No, I do not wish to free the Christian Killer Warriors and their masters of their guilt. Europeans where suffering them before African people got to suffer them Christians. I do not free them from any crime on humanity; neither their crimes against the white people, nor against the red people nor against the yellow people and not against the black people either. My Slogan is not Black Life matters but Human life matters. I would have liked to see huge amounts of black, white, red and yellow humans outraged on the roads when the police-traitors of mankind killed the poor homeless man after torturing him like shit: he could not breath either and he was only living on the street, hard enough one should think, not so? Black Man, what a shame, that none of you even opened his mouth to show his outrage... may be there had been none? Are you embracing special standards? Let these Police Officers kill these white people ...But not "our" people? Is that your mindset, black man? How did you get along with your soul(s) when ">so many white and also yellow people went with you outside to show their outrage about the murder of Eric Garner? Shouldn`t you have pushed them away because they belong to White Supremacy? I am mourning with my Brother Eric Garner and his family alike if you black ma/en allow me to be your sister, a white woman. Does any of this make a human with more value? I was mourning nearly all my life for my black prophets especially Peter. And I am mourning for my white black people either if they get slaughtered. I am mourning if a dog gets slaughtered no matter if he was a black or white dog. You see, I am sometimes wondering if the concept of racism is somewhat more embedded in the black communities than it ever have been in any other of the human races. As you know I was living in The Gambia and I also was living within the Black Community of Jamaica, even if not permanently but altering between Germany and Jamaica. And I can tell you something: I was facing a kind of distorted racism which did not allow me normal human relationships. If I was not the moneyspender I was expected to be, I was so to speak done, useless somehow. And this is also happening for all my black brothers and sisters who are living in Europe when they go to Africa: no money-no friendship; they even scare to get banned from their families. No Black Man or Woman from Europe, who was born somewhere in Africa could ever convince any of their relatives over there, that white or European people are living pretty poor. No White Supremacy is to be seen unless within a pretty thinn society which is belonging to the Supremes or Elites. The rest of white people is just working around the clock to pay off the bills, even the bills of African Immigrants when they depend on social welfare like many white people depend on social welfare either. Do you really believe that the so called Elites share any of their warprofits in Africa with ordinairy people in Europe? You are dreaming. Of course this is not an analysis, which includes every black person nor every white person. And I do not promote such labeling views either, so that they might bring anyone to forget about checking each and anyone personally about the question if such general consumption like (even murderous) racism really meets an Individual. But comparing what I had to give to my black people (those I met) and what they used to give back: things got out of balance usually. You see even if someone cannot balance things with money but thus can be done with help or prayers or what, everything can be balanced. But this did not happen usually and that was caused by a mindset; the mindset, that white life does not matter like black life: This works out like this: It is assumed that every white person is rich and everything different or what could differentiate this view is disturbing for the racist religion and so it is banned from the black mind. The idea of Supremacy is not embedded in the white race as it is in the black race, at least not in these days and in Europe,may be it is another one thing in the US. Meanwhile we are facing even that stupid bullshit, which is agitated by some human traitors, that Melanin would cause black humans to be the better ones; at least the more conscious ones. It does not wonder me that now some Black Americans start to talk that they would be the real Jewish people because they were reading within the teachings ofsome white people of the Bible that intriging sentance: they say they are jewish but are not. It got nearly impossible to listen to any black teacher so to speak since Peter and Lucky have left, killed by black brothers. - Nearly any black American teacher or preacher I can find whithout getting me to listen to some serious racist hits in some kind of "reversed" racism against white people in generally; they do not even question if there has ever been more racism among the white race than in any other race. It seems just to be true: Whites are not only racists but also Supremacists. This is getting one of the biggest lies humanity ever faced in modern days. A question if racism is embedded within black peoples mind does not even come up; it is so to speak clear that this does not exist and if it exists this were only a matter of defence because the white race would have claimed Supremacy. This got a religion and religions do not need truth but believers. And so it comes that huge amount of black people do not mind when a white man gets killed by a black man or a white traitor of mankind and so it also comes that no black man sees that white people get drugged by plan; they get sprayed with Chemtrails, they get fluorided in water, they get made infertile, they get all the poison which black people also get. But the religion of the so called White Supremacy does not allow that truth to be seen, that we all are enslaved. Black People are far from understanding that all humans are under threat not from white people but from the Pharaohs, who amorphed themselves lateron into Aristocrats (Monarchs) and who lateron presented us Democratic Politicians. They need somehow their Racism to be projected on the White folks; it seems to help them in everything, of course also to keep ignorance alive. It is a kind of joke, when Black people even feel planful drugged as if not many of their black brothers are deeply involved in that business, no matter if any white persons get mad about it because this is excused through the Colonisation of Africa by Christianity No matter if such immorality flashes back to those who followed it, straight into black communities. Can`t we see the same thing happening with white traitors? White American Soldiers are slightly loosing their sense for the American Flag: so they will kill anyone as long as they get paid for it. This is how corruption grows: like a cancer. The funny thing in this all is that nearly only the black race constantly claims to be the biggest victim of "them" without even saying that "they" are the problem and not the White Folks, those without names and passport: the Pharaohs. Many black people haven`t got any idea about the way of the Christianisation in Europe and how this was forced on the white race in Europe, long before Africa got colonized through Magic people and Mercenaries of Christianity. But no ordinairy white man ever went into Africa to colonize it; we were and are suffering under the same Priests behind the Aristocrats like the African ordinairy people. So I hope the time will come that black people will understand this and stop to perceive reality under that hypnosis of White Supremacy. This brings a form of ignorance which unfortunately is part of the problem and not of the solution. I appreciate that Dr. Mackey points out on the historical Unity of Killer-Kings with their Priests behind them and how they used to change the Gods and Religion when this were serving them and the old Gods didn`t do it anymore. But things get pretty unhistorical, when Dr. Mackey does not match his means with the History, which happened in Europe. We, our ancestors passed a lot of crucified slaves (just like Jesus), alternative to crucifiations our ancestors passed away through viruses (Black death) or were tortured or burnt to death or thrown in wars by these Aristocrats who could somehow achieve to corrupt some of the white people ... not different than they could corrupt black people in Africa. Black people hate somehow to recognize the traitors within. It seems to me that many black people have been fallen for the White-Black-Scheme so that they must not get real and face the truth, including their own truth. White Supremacy does not exist at all, in fact all humans do not really know who "they" are who are holding all mankind over centuries under opression. How many white people were and are also happy to join the opressing forces while the rest of white people get and got tortured, raped and killed? Those who we call "they" are neither white nor black nor red nor yellow. They only have these means for those who they opress. I am praying and praying that this hypnosis will now break down so that all humans can face the problem with the traitors within. We need the black folks to join the war on "them", we need the American black people for that as well as the African black people. And this will not happen as long as they do not detach from their view on White Folks. It will simply not happen in such case. So I am also calling on all white folks to talk about that issue. It is well that so many of you joined the demonstrations for Erik Garner. But if you go there with that distorted mind of guilty people caused by your white race things are not good. Don`t take guilt on your sholders for things which you haven`t done. May be your ancestors; may be. Wo knows exactly which white man killed which red or black man? Who knows exactly which red man killed which white or black man? Who knows which black man killed which red or white man? Nobody is responsible for other peoples deeds, even if they were relatives. Even tough the white demonstrators are thinking they are doing something good when joining the antiracist Slogan this is not good because it holds within itself the Scheme of Racism: it doubts that black life matters and excludes white and red and yellof lives and so the enemy becomes again the so called white man ... as if they would not march with huge amount of white people against the reals forces: with other words traitors of white, black and red and yellow people who are selling themselves out to the Aristocrats and murder ordinairy people all over the Globe. How, if we ever want to live as humans can anyone allow people to be killed for nothing, whoever is attacked. We won`t be able to free ourselves if we do not get that bullshit out of our minds. Black Folks, please get out of your idea that White life would matter more than yours ... no life of any Gentile ever mattered to the Aristocrats unless for our blood and exploitation. Look at this Slogan Here you find some incomplete dates about the Enslavement of Mankind.