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Friday, January 16, 2015

Must we wonder?

Really, Religion as organized institutions should be forbidden or something. As far as we know these Institutions did not do anything different than harm, no matter which of them Religious institutions. I do not know how to handle these things but there is only one thing to be repected: Do not do harm on anybody but especially not on children. Must we really wonder if things are getting out of anything natural and nice, if such practises like next ..are going on? Who is giving these people the right to interfere with somebodies way to be, which is normally naturally determined. How can somebody come on such sick idea to cut off organs or parts of it from babies? Are they the bigger Gods than God? We are created by God and that means he or she made the construction in the best of all ways: so what do you have to destroy that way. And at the end you are so sick that you even think you should kill all humans ... no wonder, if this shit was done to you. We will have to stop these things. For the Believers out their: No one should be disturbed to find his inner contact with God (or however you call the creator) but this is inwardly to be done through prayer and meditation not through harm on anybody else. Nobody has the right to amputate anyone in the name of his paranoia, what is the real name for such practizes.