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Friday, January 2, 2015

Real Revealations

be sure: they wrote or rewrote also the rest of the scriptures ... all of them so that they match together on the global Drama of Devide and Conquer.* If you wonna prevent a race war in the US, get this around. There is no such thing as a white race filled with idiots ... there is no such race filled with just innocents. *The scriptures were originally books about Astrology/Anatomy, Geo and Biology, Farming and Law and Medicin/Poison/Drugs. They were written in languages not for the ordinairy men but for those who would work for the Pharaohs, lateron called Aristocrats. These were the Priests/Magiceans/Scientest(seance), the Judes(Judges), who would be in the inner circles (Esoteric). They would use hidden symbols to communicate but also to turn them as Mindcontrol (Magick) and spiritual warfare against the masses, together with their plenty of bloodsacrifices and secret-fices (intimate or sexual abuse, a form of mindcontrol). They have nothing to do with God in the sense of the Word of the Creator but only with studies of the Universe, which they would have morphed lateron into Univer-Cities, at least parts of them to misuse human intelligence for their needs. The word to profess has actually only something to do with re(and)searches. All these re/searches would have been to be sacrificed for the purpose of a creed or statement of faith. That it is The Professor even if most of them might not have been in the Inner - meaning esoteric - circle. They would not get to know the bigger picture or if they would get doubts what they are doing, there would be ways to intimidate them par example with prostitutes or sexual abuse. So and of course with assassins and mercy-naries who would carry out open and hidden terror they would build their Matrix for the ordinairy Gentiles, with other words the Exoteric Circles, which they would have classified in races, gender .. NaZiones ... all of that in reversal of the Natural law. They would have abused all native tribes, as they did ... and reconstructed them into artifical Kingdoms, later NaZIONs on the Run for Fascist ONE WORLD Government under Zion (Zeus), who some love to claim to be the Antichrist; actually those who refuse to think for them own. The Antichrist is everybody among humans who denies to think (to sink/meditating,to thank/danken and to think/denken) for him or herself and therefore loses his human right as a conscious being who knows thyself and that the Creator dwells nowhere than in him/herself.