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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Animal Farm Version Feminism

Here I found you a documentary about Femi-shism, a well organized Swedish Female Organisation, which is and was vampiring on individual Women`fears who were threatoned by abuse by individual men. When the "Helper" gets the fresh perpetrator, the mind-cancer of sick people, no matter if female or male, continues. If someone starts to tell you that all men are this and all women are that, that all religious people are this or are that, that all Americans are this or that ... that it is labelling Individuals into a box for sale. I remember when around 1980 Femi-shism popped up out of nothing in Germany and told all the people how opressed women would be. Pretty surprized I wondered where this analysis appeared from. I was a young women and never experienced any other opression than that of even mostly women, my own mother included. That kind of oppression is a very subtile oppression which I used to consider the Medusa Complex: a certain psychological need to gain or keep control over others. I can see that working in women and in men, unfortunately in not a small amount of people, alike from which tribes they originate. The checkpoint for that is their allergic reaction on freedom, I mean real freedom and not the word freedom. The "word" can even be used as another kind of Hype to get people to bow down to any kind of issued confirmity. Peace, Ecology, AntiRacism or Racism, Jesus or Mohammed or whatsoever might get collectively considered as heaven on Earth or well beingness in the Afterlife. Freedom as well can be used as a Hype. With other words you get promised: You get free if you follow the mess (the masses) of a particular cult. My experience with my father had never been that way: he could deal with my needs on loving care as well as on (real) freedom. Not so my mother who grew up in front of WWII in East Prussia, so to speak, when the Lizzards where preparing for their next harvest of human souls and blood and till that manifested as a backfire on the former attack against Russia. They had been mentally twisted between getting an outsourced female servant for Hitler with some kind of somehow erotical freedom which they could follow in Nazi-Paris and the bonds to hard work in Eastern Prussia`farms and poverty. A farmer life in Eastern Prussia was not easy but therefore pretty much cold. So it took them people a lot of discipline to stand that. I guess they were easy to be mentally captured for the war against Russia. And as far as I remember the told stories, only the backfire could be "suffered" while the rest remained in silent denial including the pretty confusing jewish and polish mix in the story which nobody understands up to these days, do we? When people do not know what it is really going on they are loosing control and all they wish to gain (back) is "control". All kind of ideologies and accuses of groups of people (the bad Germans, the bad Russians, the bad Jewish ... and so fort) seem to help that wish for "control". Of course "control" is also lost due to pedophile abuse and that brings the next attack in. I can`t give you fully answers on all these things and how they appear but what people should realize is that women are not at all better than men as they are not at all more worse than men. We need to gain inner indepandance of all such kind of ideologies and go for our inner voice: that it is in my experience the onliest security which has value of freedom. I cannot control what other people are thinking or believing or doing, not even what my children are thinking, believing or doing. I can only control my own deeds: that, if done so, is freedom which cannot be distorted. Femi-shism is just another mode for fascism and you out there better understand that soon. We know from history that plenty of women participated in crucial deeds on children and we better stick with that experience than with illusions. That does not make evil deeds of men better than they are. It is only so that each and everybody has to respond his or her own deeds.