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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Religion and Terror

Many people mix up Religion with doing non-godly-lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. People without Religion are much more likely to refer to their inner voice which is indeed what people call the Voice of the Creator. Whoever is connected to that inner voice cannot even do anything wrong. The Bible by the way is a book based on Astrology, covers questions of health and sickness (medicine and pharmacy, agriculture ... including how to destroy that all) and justice (including injustice). And: Allthough it contains science it was willingly written as a book which only Insiders would understand (or such people who would have time the whole lazy day to find the means out, with other words not the ordinairy people who were enslaved by the thefts of the original Scriptures and still are.) Non Insiders could only use the corrupted chosen symbols and allegories in the way of a pretty horrific picture of God which were even abusing their normal intelligence and experiences. How par example could a man give birth to a woman? Well if this was done by genetical interferings by another race... Nothing like that could be understood by former and enslaved generations unless it would have been written like that. Did it? Anyway ordinairy people could not read and form spells by them own: they were burnt on stages if they would have done so. They did so before the so called Inquisitions took place. It is time to write the scripture in a normal way like they were when they were in the possession of mankind before all these Religious Murderers came out in order to enslave mankind and all the rest of the Earthlings. It had been scriptures of science, stolen from mankinds wise man and woman, before so called Monotheism took place by force and terror about 12000 years ago (when they enforced the killings of the trees and agriculture - they still do that). Even now we cannot commonly identify these forces behind the veil. However, we will have to restore the scriptures and that must be done by withdrawing all the used horrific languages of torture and genocide in the used Allegories. This cannot be done by the Catholic Church, the big abuser of Earth and Earthlings ... but guess what: Pope Francis hired someone to rewrite the Bible. He knows it must be done and so they will present another perverted version of the scriptures with pure Evil of Pedophilia, at least they will try it. It is a Cult: a death cult, including all its branches like Judaism or Islam or Buddhism: All these different versions of Religion were done excluding to devide and conquer mankind, to give people different Gods in which names they should kill one another. Think folks: Why should the Creator wish mankind to be in permanent slaughter of each other? The Creator? Are you serious? Think again. The Scriptures where never handed down through the Creator who just talks from within to any Earthling. The scriptures were the observations of our ancestors through time and space and bond to their inner connection to the Creator. They got stolen and then corrupted by a bunch of torturing and childabusing Pedophiles and their Masters. Yes, we do not know who these Masters are .. But time will bring answers to that question; but for sure they were not the Creator, neither the Father in Heaven (standing for the ultimate power over everything) nor Mother on Earth, our Devine Lady who is using the Ultimate Power from above to create herself, our home. We are born out of her. Meanwhile the strange ongoing pedophile and human torturing and sacrificing, which went on in the Catacombs of the churches and every other dark channel, these things are getting into the open. It seems that much of the so called social services, justice system up to the Crown of that shit is getting now in the open - at least in the UK. Time to put that down, to help our brothers and sisters in England with that and to get justice for all the victims of these abusers of the Creation and to take care on our children and fellow humans, all the Earthlings indeed. Just think on the abusive saying: The woman shall give birth in pains ... This really had been done to women, read the book on the right hand. Nearly all humans got born through Birth Trauma.