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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Deborah Tavares - please help her and yourself

Please check out Deborah Tavares, if you are US Citizen. Realize that these things she is researching are very seriously, also apply to all other countries with no difference in the general terms. Germans who are looking for legal understanding what is going on: please checkout for things concerning Handelsrecht and other things in order to change us into "things" for commerce. Deborah Tavares of course is more concentrated on all the things concerning the altering of mankind into either dead people, sick people or finally simple mindcontrolled robots through all kind of toxins, poisons and radiation. Germans please check out the websites which translate US/UK researches to these topics or check out
Unfortunately there is no more time to take things ignorant or childish. If you are interested in your life and that one of your loved ones, if not the whole mankind as a specie you have to get now serious and research all these things: We are under attack to the point of extermination.

Go to or go to the YoutubeChannel