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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Judaism and (Human) Sacrifice

these days we are finding a kind of new awareness if not disgust about "the Jews". While certain Black People claim to be the real Jews, others again say that the Palestines are the Semites, there are also those Jews who for certain have nothing to do with the genetic line of Semites but originated in ancient Empire Kasachstan. So now, I guess you had been through the links already, let me state something: Anyway, no one claiming how wonder superior s-he would be by bloodline, I do not mind such rubbish at all. So it does not really interest me who is a real Jew by race and who not. I follow ethics which rule my deeds. And that is also the way how I judge people. Yes I am honest enough to tell you that I of course judge people`s deeds. I would be crazy not to do so. It is Christean teaching not to do so, what I call giving up ones common sense. What did they, who created Christianity, let Jesus say? Bible, Luke 23:34 (ASV) And Jesus said, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. While speaking these words of ignorance he is hanging bloody on the cross because the Jews choosed to elect Barabbas. And that kind of ignorance emerged into this. Crazy people who are preaching on their wrong doings. They got an excuse for every shit. Even they do it again and again and again... no problem, God and his son will be sacrificed again and again and again and take the blame. Did you notice that many Churches feel no shame at all to hang the sacrificed bloody Jesus on the cross that everybody might see how they are doing with those who do right? That it is the real teaching of these Churches. Impressing people with such terror pictures for the cause of good deeds. Then they continue: The first born: give him to God ... and you shall be rich. That`s African Voodoo Belief. You never knew? Well every black man with some rest of connection to his original tribe knows about this kind of Voodoo Spell, which is not taken literally nor by analogy but by deeds. If they will tell you is another thing and of course only the crazy people follow such shit. It depends on your well connection with your black brothers, if they give you these insights. They are basically pretty afraid to even think about it, the normal black people. Again: it hides among them but they are not following it in generally.  They will tell you also that Islam includes black magick. Nearly any black Iman is by the same time, that he plays himself holy in front of your face, in the backside a Magicean, who is practizing Voodoo, at least practizing animal sacrifice. You do not know about that either or you do not want to know about it? If I am accusing black people about Human and Animal Sacrifice? Of course, as said: some few of them. But it is them through who my eyes got opened  about Human and Animal sacrifice resting in the white race as well. How shall we judge when people are just doing their "jobs" which are asking them to put some radiation or other kind of shit into foods and waters or airs? They are so to speak Jews because the love of money is the root of all Evil. We are not talking about a specific race of Jews, we are talking about ordinairy Humans who do not have any problems to sacrifice other beings for the next Dollar or which golden calb ever, does not matter. Which country at the moment is the country in which Baby-Sacrifice came into the open? UK. Are that  black people who are doing this shit? Any wo-man who is so called serving, with other words, who is selling his soul out against some fucking money to be a mercenary, is a Jew. S-He knows very very well that s-he will not defend her or his familymembers, not at all. S-He is going to do a "job": injuring, raping, toturing, killing another man or women or child and thieving his things afterwards. That it is the real Judaism which is going on worldwide and which will come now to its collapse. God thanks. Or may be thanks those, who are not deceived by nothing and follow their inner heart. No religion and no ideology needed for that. Which normal mother can fall over her daughter and mutulate her genitals unless a crazy women without empathy for her daughter. Which women can fall over her son and let his genitals be mutulated unless a crazy women without empathy for her son. What must happen until crazy women stop to do so and call such deeds deeds In the name of God. When will fathers stop to ask for such terror on children and when will thy defend their babies to be holy as they were created? God created our human bodies just to be mutulated by the elders? Wherever you look around we are surrounded with such Judaism: we are telling any tree how and where he has to grow or die. Any bush is under the same treatment. We are "growing" animals in farms and treat them like a "thing" with no feelings. In the name of God, of course. All in the name of God. Which God? Earth is not good enough to you and you, the living God within you and surrounding you? Whenever you get somewhere into a bush (the few still left) you start to mutulate it, the beauty and cut it, however you like that to be, not even asking the plant, if it agrees. That is civilisation and that civilisation has a name: Judaism. You and you are not content with what you are but only with what you have and could have if only the neighbour would not have it already. You and you are driven by either fear or envy or greed. I am tired of looking into the poisoned sky, poisoned from Judaism. Bill Gates cannot poison that sky alone, can he? He has got his armee for doing so. Do we need to point fingers on them? Of course we need to do so because we will otherwise die out. The fascist Greens even embrace that new Religion: Humans would destroy Earth ... and therefore they must vanish ... in the name of the Goddess Gaia or something simular. And they are right. Humans are destroying Earth: lots of Judas, so to speak, who follow either their crazyness that they have to exchange (spoil) the ways of Mother on Earth and Father in Heaven ... or simply their envy or greed, getting paid for doing so. But the Greens are among those who are creating the assaults against Earth so that humanity can die out, only they -- the good and chosen ones - survive. Therefore these Judaistic Humans do not even mind to support all kind of crazyness including to poison the whole Earth. It does not matter if people think of God as Father in Heaven or as Mother on Earth: again and again they know it better than one or both of them God-Parents. Climate Change ...and what? If this was driven by either Father in Heaven or Mother on Earth or both of them: you wonna revolte? Well of course they will change the climate. At a certain point of poison in the air something will drive things in a different direction. Even an Atheist can understand that chain of chemical reactions. How much of poison did the plenty Judas put in the lakes of America to kill of the Red Brotherhood? Human and Animal Sacrifice. How can any European Invader in the Americas think of him or herself as somewhat following the right Religion? Christianity? Within less than 300 years not "only" the Red Brotherhood got nearly exterminated but still these religious people don`t have enough. They-We got the cancer on Earth. So what am I talking about? We cannot follow that path any longer. We must judge because we know what we do and we know what they do. We must stop any insults on Nature, exermined through Judaism in all his colours or appearances. As Christianity, as Judaism, as Islam ... or as Buddhism. Folks I am asking you: stop religion and get just children of God and Goddess. Be content with who you are and do not play with the smuddle children who still cannot get it that they are the children and not the chosen ones of God. What does that mean? Stop to comply. It does not mean that you shall put your little ones out of the dirt of Earth. That dirt is actually holy and children love to play in clay, do they not? Is there any Clay left in your garden in which the children can make themselves as dirty as possible and enjoy life as it was meant? Or did you make a cementary out of your or public gardens? Are you telling your children not to play outside but better to use a mobile or Computer? Are you such a Judas that you are now going as a Transgender? Mutulating our race. There are some not this Transgender who are much more normal than so called normal people are, who are forbidding their children to play in the clay and let them watch TV around the clock, such people, who are hunting any worm because they are afraid of worms. They are killing them with Chemicals. Are you vaccinating your children with chemicals or are you allowing yourself and your dog to lick them children until they are strong to be on Earth and with Earth (the natural process of getting immune). You are a Judas if you vaccine your children. Are you eating flesh from sacrificed animals? You are a Judas because you get what you eat. Are you eating even food from McIdiot? More Transgender you can`t be. You are helping to alter our Human Gender. In the German language Gender does not mean in the first place Feminine or Masculine but the tribe and family. You are altering our tribe as humans at any time when you accept genetical altered food. Are you embracing Patriotism different from defending your loved ones? Far in Vietnam, just to pick one example out of the many Patriot acts you were already following like an idiot? What do you have to look for in Europe? You run away from here, your ancestors and you sacrificed 100000 Million Redbrothers and now you do not take care of that land which you gained by that Judaic way? Does that land not provide you with food? Of course it does, if things run normal. If you would not run for big cars and plastique and all kind of bullshit like that you would be the happiest human: you would have to enjoy a wonderful nature, would you not? What again do you have to look for in other regions? I mean not in the order of a visit (you are welcomed as a nice visitor at any time) but with weapons in the order of so called patriotism, with other words in the mission of war? You are occupying Germany. Why? Just to spoil here our nature as you did? Planting Nuclear Plants all over? Nothing in Germany happens without your judaic hands in it. We did not want Atomic Nuclear Plants ... we were happy with our Nature. It is now the Time that Germans seriously demand you to leave with the Slogan: Ami Go Home and take care on your land. Of course we will also help any American who is fighting these thugs who are troubling the whole Earth. Bring your own country in order where so many are homeless and have no jobs or are working around the clock. Where so many children get lost into "child sacrifice", the amounts of children do not really differ from those who get lost in the UK. That is Judaism, is it not? I do not even speak about "real" child sacrifice which worldleaders used to celebrate on your land but the simple child sacrifice: children are just living in the undergrounds or who knows where? How can that be while you think yourself as such holy because you go into your churches? Watching the bloody Jesus ... does that impress you that much that you think it is normal that all these children get lost? If even Jesus got killed, what less to think about the children: that it is what is coming out of that kind of mindcontrol. We do not need any Religion we need to be normal people: everything is within us, we only have to disobey fears, envy and greed because that is Judaism and its other branches, and if embraced too much it gets mad as it got. There is not a difference between Judaism and Christianity and Islam, nor any other Ideology, not really. Here is the source of Veterans today Note, I do not agree with everything but it feels that they are going to a right direction.

These people speak my heart