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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Remedy, is there any?

Well, before thinking on a Remedy there must be something out of balance, in shorter we used to say: we must be broke. For some this break concerns the health of their body, for others this break concerns the health of their mind, for others this break concerns their souls. Again this break can concern a specific society of a specific region, it can concern the oceans, the sky, the waters ... it can concern Mother. Look at the ways we are dealing with our parents, the elderlies. That is the way how we treat Mother. Mother gave us all a blue sky, did she not? May be you say it was Father - I won`t argue about that with you. For me the blue sky is part of Earth, it belongs to her. And we the living beings on and in her are being nurtured from that blue sky. We are breathing her air. So it had been till some who thought to be more clever than all other living beings and Mother herself got the idea they could not only declare property on the land but also on the sea and finally the air. Those are the Chosen Ones who wrote their ideas into their Bible. Under pains they admit in their Genesis that GOD (read as real Creator of Earth) created the Earth. Read it in Genesis 1 they admit it till they get to Genesis 2.4 when they turned God in Lord God. In 2.7 they even get that impudent to declare that that Lord God created man out of the dust of the ground and gave it breath of life and even a living soul. And so again that same Lord God did with all the rest of living beings. And that Lord God, they say, in Genesis 2.15 , put Adam to dress it and to keep it... yes they say "it", really!!! Read it, they make out of a living man an "it". A living thing or something like that. And the storytellers go on and claim that that Lord God made Adam fall asleep, read: they caused him to get out of consciousness. Did they use chemicals or did they use hypnosis, did they knock him down? They don`t tell us that little secret, but continue to tell us that the Lord God broke into the body of Adam and took a rip out of him from what that Lord God would now have created a woman. Just tell me folks where in Nature do you see such non-sense? Not even allegorical we can explain that non-sense because allegories meet mankinds living experiences and not non-sense, which means experiences without our senses. We can`t have such experiences. From this point of destruction of common sense we now can get manipulated into the heavens of illusions of all kind. It must have been Aliens who had been picking up an Earthling man and used him for genetical modifications. These days we get flooded with ET`s, do we not? At least in the imaginations of people. Some even believe in the Galactic Federation of light and of course they also know what is the Agenda of that Outer Space FED allthough they have not even got clever about the pretty Galactic Federation of Dollars on Earth and how they are creating Dollars out of thin air and get people believing into accidential occuring depressions and other his-stories. Okay take this his-story of the Land Lords of God and get your country back. Well are you or you the owner of what you claim to be your country? Which one, how did you flag it? I remember my younger times when we were with a bunch of young people in Norway and tried to find a place in Nature to rest there for a while. That had been a very impressive experience. All over there had been nothing but MAMA: blue sky, blue water, green trees and bushes and brown roots and grey stones and of course all the living beings in and on MAMA. No huge cities, filled with sky-rockets, none of that bullshit. So we thought: how wonderful: easily we will find a place to rest and enjoy MAMA. And we were right ... so far and until Land Lords of God appeared on the Scene either in form of Claims which were designed on huge natural stones with the little but seemingly important term "PRIVATE" and finally they even showed up in PERSON. We had not been able to find a single area where there was not such PRIVAT claim on a stone and so we said: We will now rest and basta. Only 1 day later the PERSON showed up who had been claiming he would be the right owner of that PRIVACY which we saw and used as MAMA. No, I do not talk about a little hobbit house and a little garden around it. I talk about a Garden of Eden like this. Never ending Mama full of trees and  lakes and blue sky, birds and fishes and worms and insects. And when that Land Lord of God appeared with his trained dog he told us to leave because he would be the owner of that MAMA and we would shit around. Of course we could not deny our digestive system but could he? Who was that 2legsMan just like us who considered himself to be the Land Lord of God of this huge MAMA? Look what one of these kind of Land Lords of Gods had allowed in order to break the Spirit of that enslaved Mama: Have a clear look at it. Did this help Mama? What do you think about this kind of Perversion which appeared in Sweden near to Norway? Could that have happened because one or more crazy 2legMen think to be the Chosen One of the Land Lord of God Stories given in the Bible? No not really, a story cannot turn a good man into a bad man, or? Well, how many good people overhand their little babies into circumcisions? Into clear violations of the natural Creation of Earthlings? It happens every day that people follow such kind of stories and even allow their children to be harmed. Well Islam makes things a bit easier. They do not claim that the Koran was written in allegories but are to be taken as it is written, at least they declare things pretty often in that way. I guess many people who were born into Islam ocupied Regions hope internally that things of that religion do not get too stress while the Christians try to get relaxed, when they believe more in Jesus (especially when the circumstances get harder). Others again try to find their salvation (peace of mind) when they think themselves into the Socialism Story or the Republican Story. Will we be better off if Socialist States or Republic States issue as much of money when they like to hype or to depress currencies: your and my energy? None of these Ideologies will bring Mankind happiness. People are asking such stupid things like: What is my purpose? Darling you have no purpose because you are not a dead thing which could be purchased. Allthough I really love to listen to Bill Donahue and how he tries to find a way out of the silly interpretations of the Bible there is at the end only one conclusion which he presents as the message of Jesus: Meditate and stop to believe which is but a contradiction to his question for men`s purpose. Now think of the many years to be wasted in stumbling through a dead book filled with sentences just to find out that single message: Meditate and stop to believe. Does it really wonder you that the term sentence also means to be an act of jurisdiction? A punishment! While the sun and the moon were shining on us and the air was re-freshing us and the water was keeping us fluently ...we could have been wandering and wondering over the Beauty of Mama Earth. That is the original living meditation which makes us simply happy, the onliest sense of life: happiness. I do not mind if there is now any birth certification fowling in my suitcase together with all the rest of the stupid papers the crazy Chosen Ones created in order to enslave mankind and the rest of living Earthlings including Mama (Earth) and Papa (Sky). I am not these papers. The Pope nor any Iman or Pastor are neither my Mama nor my Papa and not any of these Crown People are my care keepers either. No that does not contradict one of my last posts with the lady who wants to claim the British Crown back to her bloodline. Anything, really anything, which can help to bring the dead system down is okay for me, as one step of many milestones. If it were safe for the Earthlings I would not even be against a take down of all the sky rocking cities on this globe with Nuclear Bombs: peng and gone (of course without people, cat, dogs and birds in them). People can go and live in the woods and mountains and so fort. Mama is full of beautiful places to live in. People can create Hobbit Houses and will win happiness. Yes, the idea is not really new, in fact it is the old way to live, the native way. It is Buddhism without being Buddhism or how shall I express to "modernized" people what it means to live with no desires than natural desires of the body with its embedded soul? You can only sleep well or bad, but you cannot sleep more or bigger. You can sleep pretty well in Nature while listening to the birds and insects of the night, on gras and so fort. Do you think it makes you more happy to be the king who must live in a palace with plenty of beds? Do you see any of these Kings happy? They are going even more mad by the second; that it is what had really happened to them by their desires of more and more and more. Or take the avarage citizen: how many beds did they use already and can only confirm pains in their bones and flesh? Put them on the ground of Mama and within days their pains are gone. No native ever complaint about such pains because they did not exist. Did the Christians get happier since they are praising love thy next? They are constantly in war with thy neighbours about more and more and more or bettter than they. Look at the demonisations which these religious believers of all sorts, call it ideologies, put on everybody and even huge so called Nations. These days the Russians are on the spot of such demonisations. Before them it had been the Syrians, before them it had been the Libyeans .... I cannot finish the record as it would take long rivers of tears about horrific slaughter of one another. Mercenaries somehow recruited in Norway, the land, which I mentioned above; the land where there are not living much of people: these people are now going to send out 5000 mercenaries to conquer the Russian boarders. Is that mad? Of course that is mad. It is the outcome of something which we call the Matrix. Some call it Capitalism, others call it Socialism. I call it a disease. To need more than nature provides for free is a disease. To cut off all the trees in the plenty of forests Mama had been growing ... for what: to plant Industries in which we would have to work as slaves and would not be able any more to listen to Mama Beauty? That is a disease and a very serious disease. Obviously we are not even able to find out how and through whom this disease occured on Earth. May be the story of Gaia Sophia told by John Lash explains it best, may be: I do not know. I love stories but if they get like they would be true allthough nobody really seem to know I just prefer to spin out my own story and to listen to other peoples stories. I do not get fanatic about stories. If they sound nice I love them but they will not take me over. Arthur and Fiona are on that path either, so it seems to me. But I do not agree with Arthur and Fiona about their criticism of David Icke, who would not provide a remedy but create Lizzards. Do they know if he saw them? I saw them long before I heard about David Icke. But those days I had to do with a husband who was deeply bombarded with Voodoo and finally felt for alcoholism. But away from that: Something invisible is causing that very problem among humans which alienizes us from our MAMA EARTH. Plenty people do not even realize that the skies are not any more blue but chemtrailed. Who are they who are creating and holding on to that system which makes us suffer so deeply and feeling disconnected to Earth? This system cannot work itself out.  May be it is just a problem with our creativity. Mankind got the ability to create and that can get him or her crazy by overdoing or directing that force on other people. Many people are obsessed with imperiousness. We can see that in many partnerships. Imperiousness destroys partnerships or brings them into horrible mental states. Is that normal that so many partnerships between men and women do not work out well? We do not see such thing among other species, do we? So allthough I agree with Arthur and Fiona in many many things especially concerning all the ideologies, the alphabet and these second hand scriptures in exchange with real senseful lives among nature - I also see and experienced dark forces, invisible and visible dark forces. We will have to find answers on that. Obviously the Kindom-Idea is nice but will it work out without confronting the harming Matrix which is all over, enabled by people? I do not live in Australia where I could probably join the Aboriginals. They themselves are chronicle under attack. I am not living in Northamerica either where I could probably join the Natives, if they would not see me as foreign to them, a dangerous person to them. How could I claim them to be open and ready for togetherness with me, a white European? In Europe there is nearly no more place in outer space from those Land Lords who claim it all. So, I guess we are heading to a huge confrontation and self defence should not get left out because of a new ideology like lawful rebellion or "love". No, if you try to kill me or my children or my dog, I will defend myself an if necessary with violent methods.  What should bring people all over into togetherness is that land cannot be owned by no one because it belongs to Mama. Each Earthling is a child of Mama Earth and it is the heritage of any single Earthling to live on Mama. The second rule is: No one is allowed to harm Mama. If these 2 laws get implemented by the force of the world population we will be free. Nations and all other governmental cooperations do not respect that natural law, they created Land Lords as Gods. This must go. Think about it. That does not mean that nobody should be allowed access to land, it says: everybody has the natural right to live on Earth in a non-harming way and on his or her own or in groups and togetherness which will renew Earthlings as tribes and bringing them back into natural law. This has to stop. Who these people think to be? Earth is no ones property, it is there for everyone. Soon, as soon AGENDA 21 is visibly unfolding the so call civilized people will be seing themselves as removed as the Indigenous People got removed in order of the biblical Land Lords. May be it will then be too late. Folks you better wake up and reunite with the Natives all over and start to relearn their ways of life which did not harm Mama Earth nor mankind.

And they are still taking babies away ...yes folks, it is not new but is already pretty running in the so called civilized world.