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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The whole society is based on sacrifices

You see he is talking lots of things in the way of Christianity. I am not in Christianity unless by my legal name. But I come to the same conclusions. People just do not stop to do bullshit even they know that it is wrong. Think about the so called New World Order. Is it Bill Gates who is poisoning the whole Globe? The whole society is involved in it and they have argues why to kill the Globe and its inhabitants: I need to have money. There are people who agree for 1 Euro to spy on other people. Yes that deep we have got. What the guy is suggesting is: repent if you do not want to go further down like that. And he is right. Yes, you do not know how next you gonna survive but you know that you will not go on to survive by doing Evil. There is a kind of certainty in it, if you only make that simple decision not to continue what ever worse you are doing. Really, you might lie to all the people but yet you do know that you put poison into a person when you vaccine that poison. And so fort. Go through your "job" and know what you know. I see so many who are holding on to the bullshit ... Even knowing that they are poisoning themselves. There is no way than stopping to do it and leave the rest with God or which name you have for your creator.