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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dialect and Dialectic

Yesterday I tried to show you that it is a tool to come up with Empires (you should by now start to see the simularities between words, what means they belong together: Empire refers to Ampere or Energy, also to Vampire entity which sucks energy) and to let them fail. We are all facing these days on a big scale how empires get done away: Sowjetunion ... to Russia-China ...seemingly sovereign countries in the EU into the Empire EU ... US is in fast fall ....Rome gets burnt from time to time and that happens according to an equasion when all the usury money balloon bombs. Who owns the Usury Business knows when it bombs ...and prepares for the uprisings and the shift to another Empire which will arise out of the ashes like the Phoenix (or the Phoeniceans). It operates like a parasite: whenever a region is sucked out or had been sucking out other regions, that region is done. In German language the children say: alle ...what means it is empty. Only that in this case the little Dracula is smiling and clapping its hand: Empty! But the problem of Draculas is, they live from blood which they cannot produce by themselves. If you are not locked into the cube of the fanatic sounds (phoenetics) of the responsible religious Ministers for you: either one of the monocultural ones which were installed around the Globe some thousands years ago (unfortunately we can`t even rely on any so called his-torically records because they are basically hysterically, embraced by the Victors and used for further mind-control, but if you like you can try to find a coherent timeline of all the so called historically events: I gave that up and move with the basic patterns) if you are not locked into these cubes (soundsystems ) which by surprize surprize look like the jewish and islamic cubes but could also be spelled or counted, well then you know already that all these religions do not tell really different things but get spelled in a way that each of them can be turned against another one, who considers himself a fan of this or that religion. This means you can be turnt against another Fanclub. And that basically only depends on the dialects which were used in different regions. Meanwhile and about a huge amount of wars they had been reducing these dialects merely into extinction: they are heading to the ONE-World-Language which shall be a very poor language: it will be English, may be for a while also a simplified Chinese. People who do not have much of words (and sounds) in their brain loose intelligence; the amount of differentations they can do and combine in all kind of versions makes them to perceive life pretty dumb. We are seeing that kind of increasing idiotism already all around us. Add some chemicals and bombard them people with only few bases (so called Techno-Music) you have got already proper fanatic idiots ready for war-s. We also see that. But again wars need game players: there must be at least 2 fighting warrior parties but of course things can get arranged more complicated till there is a World War: nobody ever knows why s-he came to kill persons they never knew nor had any problem with. To set such thing up dialectic is used. You tell par example people in the East: look in the East, there are Demons ready to kill you, really nusty people. You must even kill them first because otherwise they get their way. The same thing you do perform for the people in the East. And so you have created much of blood and all the real demons can suck on the dead beings, mens and animals and also plants. The best way to get that performed is to let these people think: You are superior to all others. Well these days many USers are really thinking that. Of course the other parties will get angry over times and bingo: The Roman Games had been unfolded. Of course they also have some "superior ones" among them let them call themselves "the choosen ones" or let them call themselves "Ji-haadis", it does not matter as long as there are enough idiots who really think to be either superior or inferior to others. These days par example we see how a certain percentage of black Americans is going along with each of the atrocities of Obama because they think he is a "brown" one and therefore the real leader because all along brown people were the "chosen ones" on Earth. Well .. white people had been performing that bullshit either, did they not? It just functions such kind of "dialectic". I want you to understand these basic tools. Again: I want you to understand these basic tools. That will be our way out, if enough people have understood that these Roman or KaZar Games won`t function anylonger. You will not be ready anylonger to label yourself as Christian or Muslim or what again ... you will be you and all by a sudden you will not see anylonger in a child a little bastard Muslime who will grow to only kill you. You will see a little "you". You will see with your real eye (horus, third eye) and the bigger one even (your heart). You will suddenly start to appreciate all the beauty of the different colourful expressions of men and their children. You will suddenly appreciate all the beauty of natures wilderness and that will soften you. Please study this till you understand. Don`t wait until you were trapped into the Cubes and find yourself as killer of Natures Beauty; all her beautiful beings.