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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Guru and Guru- Hunter

Did you ever observe these people who are steadily hunting for enlightenment? On this journey they find this Guru and that one or the Churches or any other kind of Belief-givers who they can follow for a while: Love is the answer .... Okay that sounds fine but not in real, or? ... You see the main problem in many things is that people simply refuse to think for themselves and also to research within themselves. They are crying for Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha or whoever, probably even one of these special Bosses of the Vatican ... People can worship such many Gurus,their ideas and methods like there are living and no-more living people. And that it is causing the problem. Who cries for an external healer will get one: the God in White who cannot heal but only pretend to heal. Who should be blamed for that? The White God-Doctor or the one crying for this Guru? SELF-thinking and meditating and so fort is not yet that famous. I love to listen to certain Gurus out there. You know why? Because I know my-self: I am not a Guru-Hunter. I am just listening to these peoples experiences, I never take them as authorities over my-Self. A doctor can give me this or that tip how to heal this and that, but the decision if I am taking his tip is mine - as far as I am not a child who is depending on its parents foolishness. Many children got abused by Doctors with vaccines and other bullshit they never needed. Who is to be blamed for that? You see, humans are having a big problem with authority and they will always have that unless they look within themselves for the real authority. In this sense you might like to listen to Moji. Please do not forget: I did not tell you to blabber anything he is saying like a copy machine. I am not responsible if you do that. That said you might enjoy ...