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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Psychopaths are around

I do not know, if you were able to whitness the genozide of the Libyean people in the name of Demo-Crazy .. they were beheading people, rippimg hearts out of them, beating and raping and burning them. Gaddafi and his sons had "only" be some of those, who these monsters of the "willing" were eating like wild beasts ... from there they went over to Syria and did the same brutal terror, of course blaming this time not Gaddafi but Assad .. and from there they went on to the Ukraine .. and what are they doing there? I do not know what happened to mankind some 10000 years ago but everybody should wonder how comes that mankind ever had had a history of slavery: How could that be between equal sovereign people? May be you never even asked yourself this question. I am telling you, you will not find any reasonable answer on that question unless you find a way into the library in the Vatican. It is not logical that man enslaves man, some few control the many and the many do not put the predators down???? Something must have happened what had been so seriously traumatizing that our ancestors submitted into that slavery .. But again and again they could not take it and faught it ... What happened within the so called Dark Ages: again they wiped out half of the population of Europe, first by Inquisition and as a final by Pestilencia. What happens here on Earth that long? Meanwhile some people are discussing the problem of the psychopaths which seems to relate to too much of Reptilian Brain and too less of Human Brain.