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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Again: Slavery

Dr. John Clarke is a well scholar of Africa History but also tends into Racism, which I will not accept in no-way. In this video we can find out that Dr. Clarke knows well that white people had been taken as slaves to get America formed and had been taken as servants in the feudal system. He likes to confuse us as if we would not know that being a servant had not been another thing but another kind of performance of the same quality of relationships between Royalties and simple people. We find here also out that Slavery based on Race was not an European Invention but an African Invention, or where shall we put the Arabs To get things clear: Slavery in any way is terrible and we are now in times that we really have to find out how these Royalties all over the Globe came in Existance and power over us instead of talking racist bullshit between enslaved humans. We got all fed with the idea that one single woman should have brought about all humanity and we almosst believe it, don`t we? But is that true? I am not on my way to offer the newest knowledge about things which I do not know. But I am offering questions: Shall we think that all bushes and leaves also originated from one single seed in Africa? Is just a question. Where do we put all these hominides they are telling us which would have existed ... where are the Neanderthals? Remember again: How could that be that equal Humans developed them oppressing Royalties? Does that make sense. Just consider the numbers: how easy to overthrow these idiots ... what the fuck happened all over? May be we find out more here