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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Out of Africa? Can that be true?

We get force-fed with a lot of ideas to believe in. That is called education or pedagogy or religion or TV Programming or Science. Some folks are pretty interested to make sure that we really get that food for our minds to be stored therein: as more crap as more better. US`ser please do not worry, it is not only your education-system which is installed to stupify you people. Don`t be that pride and exclusive; we really get our share. In Europe we are sitting in the original centre of that out-of-sense-and-reason-bullshit, you are only a branch in overseas. Or is that also only crap which we European get to believe in? Meanwhile Black-Panther Phil-osopher from Valentine (sounds quite Roman) is nearly claiming everything for Africa within his Dark Matter Think Tank which he is comforting with a lot of white-people-books. Yes, he loves to repeat white and yellow people; me wonder, me wonder. He loves you especially to read Esther Villar. The lady on the right side is Esther Villar, who the Philosopher is promoting; the bulldog left is Alice Schwarzer (declared Feminist). If you cannot understand German be happy in this case, just listen on the sound of both of them and take care on your mental health. But if you can understand German, try to understand how these two women are sharing 2 sides of the same coin and are manipulating men and women into competition against each other and more than unnatural terms about their relationship and that means their destruction as couple and (potential) parents. Find more here Due to some kind of surviving sense and reason within me I could safe that ability to detect falsehood. Where shall we start? Just on the signs from outward of the very body of Mister Valentine?Did you ever saw such a beard on a black man?
My father was born in Rumania as a descendant of Germans, who were settled there likewise to the settlement of Europeans in America in the Middleages. Even my father had had a darker complexion than this Philosopher who is playing himself as the overhead of the Dark Matter Think Tank. But please just scan his body by yourself and try to find the Out of Africa Seeds in him. Probably we should find out, what the term Africa is standing for to repair the go(o)d name of the Roman Phil Valentine, who might have been able to get a little ink out of hispanol seeds or a little ink from a copper-indigineous person. But for sure I cannot find any signs for seeds out of that what we thought to be Africa before the following Information came out. I would of course not gamble about the European-Roman-Hispanol origin of the Philosopher. But that is not necessary anyway. I do not mind, if black-seed people would pick up a white-seed-person as their overhead, if they were fully conscious about that and would have the free will to do so because of the real goodness of that person in favor of them, in favour of their well being. Don`t get me wrong: I said well being. I did not say superiority as a matter of competition between races. Such thing does not exist other than by falsehood called racism and sexism, the strongest ever produced Viruses to devide and conquer humans, probably even to produce them out of what we used to call ManKind. Speak that properly: Man-IS-Kind and not Gen-IS-IS. Did you ever question yourself why we have these 2 terms Mankind and HUmanity? By the way: In the German Language we don`t have these 2 terms for seemingly the same thing. We only have man and mankind (der Mensch und die Menschheit). But of course they are working on our traditional language bitterly to get it undermixed with English. I hope you know that language is able to rewrite Consciousness and to program DNA, at least its free part (soft ware). I suggest you to stick on Mankind because that it is who we are: a pretty kind people. We are no HU`s ... we got formed into these HU`s. Doesn`t that Prefix sound pretty Asiatic? No Man .. do not get caught up again in racism. The yellow man is as kind as you. But who was that famous warrior DschengIS-Chan? They tell us that story that he was an Outcast together with his widowed Mother and some brothers of whome he killed one. They are telling us that he had been that strong that he could even survive not only the Cold in the Mongolei but also constant trials to kill him since he was considered to be an adult. And the story goes further: he was such a big lover of his women. Isn`t that the same message Mister Philosopher is transmitting like Asthma Spray into his Black Matter Think Tank ? Love always fit the bill of a kindMan, don`t? When a fortuneteller is telling you the truth s-he never forgets to mention much of love for you. But for some unknown reason other than the oracled devine destiny for DschenGIS-Chan he could not find rest at the side of his nice and loved wife, no where in the huge area of the Mongolei. He had to conquer, really everything from the East to the West until for no reason again he disappeared and died. I know of course that you US-flagged deceived people are pretty scared about such an HU-man Invasion with the next season: you should, if you can make that difference between ManKind and HUman. You see, no ManKind, no matter where s-he lives has interest to move around in order to slaughter what is living and just trying to enjoy life. Now let us get back to our Overhead from Out of Africa and his special ideas of Gender Mainstreaming back in the days. Wow, that it is where this Roman is leaving the Dark Matter Think tank: in the Mutulation of our Mankind. The women who are surviving this will pass sickness and no real love how this was designed through the Devine. For the rest of their lives they will be traumatized, It is that what a people of mankind makes them into agony, unable to live in happiness. Mutualation of the sexual abilities dump down the potence of Mankind, if they are done like here on the body or on the mind how this got transformed by the African Think Tank of Pharaohs to Europe`s so called Whitches. Free women back then. It is always the sexual potential which these Lizzard Fuckers are attacking, they have developed different versions through different times but always they bind together Racism+Sexism (gender mainstreaming) to keep mankind in agony and madness.