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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Overcome Ignorance to one another

I had been posting yesterday some words about the teachings of Phil Valentine, whose basic message is in my eyes racism and ignorance. What many people do not really know nor think about is that probably the European Gentiles had been the first "Victims" or bestolen ones about their Mankind-Nature. It is here in Europe where they had been forcing people in one war after the next, tortured and burnt out the as whitches insulted medicine-women over a periode of 1200 years, especially in Germany, and wiped out more than half of the Indigineous Europeans with Pest and more of Diseases who were spread around like they are spreading these days the Chemtrails to wipe as much as possible people out from Earth. They put the surviving gentiles from here to there and destroyed family tribes. Nevertheless my grandparents were still having 8 children, others even more. That is not long ago but only 60-100 years. Most people who could make it through all the challenges were farmer until they started to take the land from the people with WWI and then WWII and packed us into City-Reservation-Camps so to speak. So what Migrants are facing now is not at all the White People Indigenous Lifestyke at all but an artificial Lifestyle which got forced on us, where we got sucked into just like this happens to the other races. It is time that people listen to the elders who still have that knowledge. It is also time that white Elders come up and are passing our history through. So if white people in America are looking on the Native Elders there, this is good and not a matter of overtaking their traditions or such kind of foolish interpretation. Our white people are missing their roots much longer, so to speak, than other races. Many white American might even feel more lost on the road of socialengineering through what they push us all from here to there, making us running away from the latest war and starvation or whatever like that the global Pharaohs love to cause on us. So may be you like to listen to Baba Mahooty. May be you also like to listen to some Celtic Music.