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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are you an Anti-Socialist?

Socialism got the Make-Up Demon in the West and bravely in Free-Mason-Manner conquered with Individualism. Of course the same thing were placed in the East only the other way round. Indeed the Set-Up were first Socialism versus Capitalism but that one got slightly moved into Socialism versus Individualism. Edward Griffin is pretty busy with these words and I actually lost interest in him, when I got aware about that bi-polar scheme. May be this is somehow unfair. Mister Griffin is absolutely right in his diagnosis of Collectivism within all political parties (even other scenes). The Members are moving their ways on a certain given line or program (ideologies). But Mister Griffin is absolutely stuck in the dualistic left-brain system of the artificial and brutally through genocide endorsed society called USA. He does not touch, what it is hidden underneath the artificial imposed matrix of not only the US but all civilized societies. Capitalism is only the one side of the coin, its other side is socialism (capitalism under even more stronger support through government): the whole thing could be called: Slavery, exploited and governed people. The question is through who? Meanwhile we are calling that they or cooperations or aliens, we really seem not to know, who is governing us. We are digging into the debt of this question as if there were no answer at all. (Of course it is and always was). The point is, that politics are an overlayer, something in- and visible which maskerades not only those, who are behind the veil of this horrific civilisation but which also manicures the real deal between humans. On a private level of relations between people we would need to put Mister Griffin`s as bad issued Collectivism into this way: Individualism versus Togetherness. Unfortunately this really happened in all the Western civilized Countries to a very horrible degree. All the people who are living in these societies got and get sick, somehow dehumanized. Since about 1980/84 people went collectively into the Mode of Mister Griffins suggestion: Individualism . And as more as they accepted "Individualism" as more they refused togetherness. Of course they did not do that because of Mister Griffin alone but many Mister Griffins, who had been living in that kind of mindset. You see: every family and group of indiginous people is naturally (from within) based on togetherness. They do not know this kind of bi-polar distinction between I am and We are, which it is a ridiculous version of perception, absolutely sick, with other words: bi-polar. It made the very strength of humans to be together and to stand for one another. Togetherness is love, is inspiration, is humor, is fun and is security. So I am pretty much opposing Mister Griffin`s intellectual ideas of anti-collectivism on a specific level of social engineered people and call them A-Social(ist)allthough I do not see Mister Griffin as such Individual. He indeed was relatively well embedded within his family so that he might not have seen, what he was talking about. Humans are by their nature no lonely Movers, they are not built that way but pretty much groupies, so to speak: they need to belong to a family, to a village, to a tribe and that indeed means something: they are as responsible for the others as the others are responsible for the Individual. It is a WIN-WIN deal even if the "check" comes back much later in some arrangement like that between the generations: Elders are caring for the children, later the children will care them. And that it is not a matter of individual opinions and choices but a MUST. Whoever moves or must suffer societies under this line is going to face sooner or later something: We are facing that and call it Endgame. Individualism did that and it did it in the old fashioned manner of devide and conquer for those who we are calling the Elite or Pharaohs. (A View into K. Marx writings by the way showed already in the 19th century clearly who were the ones who are profiting from human exploitation; it was also never that difficult to understand with own eyes. They only went for that very trick to let some middleclasses participate on their exploitation so that they could move for their global succeed of owning it all). People in the West accepted Individualism on a very large scale and went soon after into some kind of alikeness against others, which the world did not see yet as far as we know about. No human can be an Individual in the meaning of: I do not need anyone nor do I need to take care on anyone. This is the biggest illusion and the badest one of all Illusions. We reached meanwhile the point, that young people are driving their parents into Elderly Houses where they get drugged into all kind of horror. (Please note, this is only a video from home care. The daily abuse in elderly hospitals are such subtile that I cannot bring them here in one link) Some Elderly Houses meanwhile are introducing dogs as workers that the Elders might get one time the week a warm heart from another sentient being because those who are caring for them are like Clones or Robots. It is what the well hated Karl Marx by the way was pointing out. Many people do not know nothing about his books but spit out words like usual: as copy machines of propaganda. Marx had been the MakeUp Demon in the West, who would have promoted Socialism. He did so but in a pretty different way than what had been made out of it finally. I have read a lot of his books and could even never find socialism as his final goal but a clearly different vision, which I called within myself: back to the roots. You see it is always a different thing what people make out of JESUS and what he (so he would have lived) did. Did the Churches made life like that way, Jesus was supposedly doing, the most loving being ever? It is incredible that people can still bow down to these people, who never brought anything to mankind than torture, exploitation, genocide. If Jesus would have evidenced the churches, don`t you think, he would have wondered a bit, how he got misunderstood? However, I am not defending Karl Marx, but want to point out, what I learnt to articulate through Karl Marx books, for what I had had no words before reading his books but only a deep inner feeling. Marx pointed out, what was underneath of all civilisation and were civilisation would lead to, gradually and more and more. He called that: Alienation. And he did not like it, he was hoping that the last stage Socialism/Communism in which the Civilisation would probably morph into, would finally really be the last one and overcome that shit ang get back to what he called urbane communism. Marx Theories and Analysis distracted about this main and most important part of his work (the alienation of mankind) gets that demonic like some people like to spit on it (of course without reading). He was really one of the first ones of the so called modern world, who realized that strange point, that people do not work for themselves and their beloved ones nor would they do what they like to do and so fort. I know that I will probably harvest a lot of words, how bad that guy would have been. I know all these arguements, that he was a Free Mason and this and that, yes he was a Jewish as well. Are you a Christian? Don`t judge .. you know what I mean. Many people end up different than they started, not so? To write his books he was compromized to get some income. He got payment from Engels, a capitalist, who himself was also engaged in his wonderings about the question, how society might have been before Civilisation; I guess you did not know that. Long before all the Conspiracy Researchers of these days, he was busy with the question of prehistoric societies,_Private_Property_and_the_State I did not know Engels like I did not know Marx as living Humans (of course not), but their writings were touching me in my young years: how to reconnect to Togetherness, caring for Each Other what would actually be Freedom. Isn`t it, what all the people are soo totally hungry for:LOVE, Unity and bla bla bla. What do you think might be going on into the hearts of the "uncivilized" but watched like zoo-men people? What do you think might be going on into the hearts of the "civilized" people, who are watching human beings like an attraction? Get a bit into that, probably you will feel the loss of undivided togetherness. No one in this world is free unless those who (got)get killed one by one: the indigineous people. And that it is, what Marx had been working out, no one else by his time. What Mister Griffin is talking about is the "free life" of horrific compromized US-Citizens, who were choosen to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER, did they not? That had not been Freedom but Independance from Responsibility against brothers and sisters all over the world. That last stage of civilisation started with the Invasion and Genocide of the Indigenous People in America and never stopped. Such kind of Individualism is only another aspect of the coin which is sometimes called socialism, it is so to speak collective murderism maskeraded in Individualism. I hope that my English is strong enough to work that underneath topic of togetherness out, which gets no real place - neither in governed Capitalism nor in governed Communism, in no Civilisation which is governed through different people than the people from the own personal known tribe. It is a pretty different thing to have village or tribal leaders who everybody knows and can oppose or to have OBAMAS, who no one knows, who are sitting over 350 Million people like Cesar. That it is unnatural, absolutely annormal and inhumane. Democracy is a total failure, a show and a very bad show. A clear dictatorship would even be better because this cannot confuse anyone into that left-right (red/blue pill) desaster. Of course I do not promote that, I promote the return to tribal ways of togetherness, the best one leads so far leadership is needed. Things are that simple. Things are also as simple as this: if you wonna stay in a group there are simple rules to be followed: it is also known as KARMA. There must be a balance between giving and taking. People in non-civilized indigineous tribes who did not pick up to that rule got outcasted. They got their lecture on Individualism: go and try things for your own. We are still digging around what happened that some outcasted ones had at the end been those who had overthrown mankind and their togetherness. At least it is Mister Tsarion thesis that Akhenaton (alias Moses) got somehow stress because he got blamed into the desert. Indidvidualism how it is meanwhile performed got such a sucking Evil habit of alikeness against everyone else, that we better have a deeper watch than that one of Mister Griffin. We are like Marx was saying that at the end of the alienation of ourselves: togetherness is one of our main parts as humans. If we give that finally up, we are simply done. From the US we get meanwhile reports that police officers can openly shoot homeless people dead and no one responds different than: "It is not my business" ... Can you see what it is Alienation? Not even to be able to see another one human as brother or sister. Again, that does not mean, that I promote Socialism. In fact the plenty of Individualists brought things to that very point we are calling now the Endgame or the NWO: people who got poored out of the Freedom from Responsibility System have to ask for governmental money because no one of the Individualist (speak Egoists) would have helped them with some bread.Think a bit about it. They used to have an argument: Everyone is free in the US and can make it. Is it? No it never had been. Millions and Billions were only done by those who compromized their humanity with pretty Anti-Social Subjects, those who could not comply with that shit, who could not work for the CIA or the Army or NAZI-Science and so fort went gradually down. You might ask, but how? I do not know but only that the artificial collective Individualism without social responsibilities towards each other does not function for our fortune. People get sick from it and do you know where this will lead them into? You name it: the happy NEW WORLD ORDER. People will feel somehow relaxed not to be forced anymore to be the biggest Individualists. At least they get their daily bread ... How many Humans only in the US gave up already on Humanity as a matter of bondings towards each other? They literally gave up on humans as sentient beings at all. The amount of betrayal towards one another through the means of Individualism is nearly uncountable. Nevertheless Mister Griffin had been contributing a lot for mankind. He is a child of his time and society like all of us. He thinks that capitalism is different from facism and socialism. If he would have read Marx he would have understood how the simple basic of capitalism is the ownership of land. Every human and animal depends on land. No one would need a single dollar, if land would not be for sale. How to get land. We should ask the US army, they are experts in seizing land for their masters. and it does not interest them at all if they are serving pharaohs openly or secretly. And that it is the basic of open slaverytimes, feudalism (Monarchies)and Capitalism embedded within democracies or republics. It needs a group of psychopaths,who are ready to overfall other humans, seize land and violate humans. Things are that simple. And that must be effectively outlawed.