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Monday, July 21, 2014


Yesterday I had had -after some vacancies of such infected people- again a conversation with somebody in a Coffee Place. Allthough the guy could clearly describe his bad feelings towards Techno-"Music" he was not able to really express them. So I did it. I am opposing this "Music" since it came into existing - about almost 30 years ago. Again- about almost 30 years ago. Those days I was sitting for a coffee with a friend, she was mother of a young child like myself. Her radio station was running; Techno. So, I begged her: please shut that, it hurts me deeply. Wuuuh .. Her reaction had been: How can you say that, you are like our Elders. That it is the Music of the Youth, we have to accept it. Wow. I was not yet 30, only almost. I left that women; I never met her again. Her habit had been as intolerant like she tried to accuse me of that. There had not been any Youngsters in the house except our little children in the age of 4 years, who did not have choosen that Radio Station. Along with Techno almost everything went down in our societies: At the beginning was the word. I am not a Christian Fanatic, but certain sayings in the Bible don`t get wrong because they could be Christian. Techno mastered that point that Words matter. In both aspects: the aspect of the sound and its horrible degrading and unhealthy frequency and the aspect of subliminal messages who could be so easily implanted into that "Music" and get delivered to everyone. And exactly that happened. We cannot see happy people outside who are singing, dancing and laughing and in whose eyes we could see little stars, can we? It is just a matter of emphathic observations ... not a matter of Ideology. So, back to yesterday: I tried to tell the guy, yes this "Music" had been doing something to the people. You won`t believe the respond. Yes, this "Music" is not nice and makes aggressive but this is what the Youth loves. We have to take care that we do not get like our Elders. I was about to ask him if he still did not overstand his pubercy by the age of almost 60. I did not do that but tried another trick to go around the mindcontrol: Look, we are getting like our Elders, we are getting old. Something wrong with getting old? What about accepting this and behaving like it? Did you ever realize, how many youngsters are suffering because of this disease of their parents (us) who are actually refusing to be the Elders? Who rather want to be the friend of the babies and more things like that? I will not go further to report that conversation. But isn`t it interesting how a generation of people is in that trance "not to get like their parents" and this is to be proofed by accepting a horrible painful mindcontrolling music: over almost 30 years. None of the youngsters who grew up during these years had ever been choosing this music by him or her own. They heard it already in their mothers womb, it got played everywhere ... everywhere. It had been the main source of mindcontrol in the beginning, till they added Haarp and Chemtrails. Here just some examples: try to get the spells, horrible. That is the way how mindparasites are working, somehow they can split peoples inner feelings from their thoughts and reason. People cannot respond to their inner need to feel happy. Eating has 2 aspects: You can eat Mental things, like Dogmas (Ideologies) and you can eat food which is not good for you either.