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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cancer and the End of the Mengele-Fraction

People are dying daily about cancer, alternative about heartattacks or strokes. That it is what people in the so called highly developed civilisations are facing; neither health nor retirement money after their lives full of work and stress; in such case that they even got a job and did not have to live from little social support. The death in the so called 3rd World is different "arranged". Here we are now talking about the West/North Version of getting slowly but surely killed. When you ever tried to find any causes for the Western dis-eases, the schoolmedicin used to have 2 basic answers (I am not joking): your genetics were bad or you had been smoking. Then again, when it comes to epidemic dis-eases they are debating the problems of bacterias and viruses. They have given these entities such complicated names that no one really needs to study these things. Anyway people are programmed well: Science and Doctors said XYZ, so it is fine. People will follow the doctors advices. Did you ever try to bring somebody on a different path, who had been programmed that way to follow these 2 or 3 codes: Science, Doctors, Experts? Nevertheless there might be an awakening out of that hypnosis. So let us bring that hypnosis to an end. Cancer was nearly unknown (3%) at the beginning of 1900, meanwhile about 40 percent of US Citizens are going through that sickness to death, of course this is played like Monopoly: before they reach the goal, called death, they have to sit in prison, otherwise also called hospital. There they will get their treatment: chemo and radiation. They really call these things therapy. Meanwhile all humans and all animals on this Globe are getting that treatment: Chemtrails from the Sky and Radiation from Fukushima. At the end of the videos you`ll find a video about the diet which fits for humans. I am living as Vegetarien. This was the case when I was a child, but I got forced-manipulated into meat as food by my family. However, I returned to what had been in me in the first place. I do not want to speak you guilty. But I am convinced that what it is happening on Earth is not "natural" anylonger. The amount of animals which are getting tortured and killed daily; I have no words for that. That is so disgusting and I cannot believe that this will not have a flashback. You see, even if our ancestors had been from time to time hunters, they did not do that every day and without any need. They even had to thank the animals when they were given their lives. What it is going on now is out of respect for life at all, it is a bloodthursthy path.