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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I am

I like this video ... Within the last age of Industrialisation we got pretty much distracted by that paradigma I think therefore I am. Descartes was the one they let spread the spell. I won`t go here into his teachings and how they could have been meant or not meant. The fact of the matter was, that the quote got used over and over again without any philosophical backgrounding debates and performed finally the paradigma of rationalism commonly known as property of the left brain and known as age of enlightenment. Meanwhile we know that the enligtenment went stuck and also straight into global dimming and that the capacities of people to think are seriously shrinking Commonly we are taught that our brain is built from 2 pieces like a nut. But if we look at it more precisely, we see that it is in fact build from 3 parts (what about that word for it what it is known as holy trinity?), the basic one is that brainpart, which we are calling the reptilian brain or stem brain which corresponds to the cerebellum. That part is of course not useless only because the Brotherhood of the Snakes loves to provocate and manipulate it through induced (poison for the body, horror scenarios for the mind) fears and anger. In fact it is pretty useful because without it, we would have to think about any single breath. We would not even move, we would not have any embodied life, which includes such nice things like Sexuality and other even more deeper expressions of love. You see love must be experienced, one needs the ability to express and feel it. It has nothing to do with logic. Love is everything but not logic. So it is not a production from the neocortex brain but the Reptilien and Mammalian Brain in connection with LEO, the Solarplexus (SOL=SOUL) around the Heart. The Reptilien brain runs on Automatic. And if it runs in God-Mode it runs more than smart, it feels beautiful. If you watch that brain again you see, it is build like a tree probably also known as tree of life. In the same story (Genesis) it is told that we shall better not eat from the tree of good and evil because it would kill us. If this is not understood, we are getting the picture of a pretty bad God; one who is putting us in front of a lekker tree and who then forbids us to eat from it. These kind of horrific analogies are the reason why I do not believe that neither God nor any well meaning Alien wrote that stuff. It is written with such twisting feather that only initiated beings can know what it is meant but not those, who are not initiated into the secret codes. They are going to understand pretty different things which can lead them astray. That it is actually the sense of secret languages and codes, isn`it? In the example of the forbidden apple we were even forced by the priesthoods to understand that we are suffering since our first "mistake" as humans, only because we tasted that fruit which appeared to be lekker. Can you see in what kind of psychopatic God they forced us to believe in (with much of torture and swords)? The goal to exploit people can be achieved through simple theft and betray (in collective stýle we call that war) or through Agricultural or/and Industrial Enslavement. This never works out without physical power over the victims in the first place. But on long hand the physical power must be reduced to an invisible horizont which will be called normal. Only the imagination of too much power in the hand of the slaveholders must settle the victims constantly into surrender. That it is the purpose of mindcontrol. Voodoo and Religion do function pretty well. But too simple minded religion and even psychic dangereous voodoo spells cannot bring about such slaves, who would be able to use their braincapacities to develop even complicated techniques and devices which then will fit the Elites. You see the Aristocrats did not age that much in the Middle Ages. They got something like 40 to 50 years, sometimes even less. They were interested into more comfort. Rationalism (or intellectualism) had been the answer to their problem. They needed to disconnect their victims from their instincts; they needed to twist their natural capacities in pretty basic affairs, so that they would stop to listen to any kind of instinct but to rational thoughtpatterns. And that exactly happened. For that they cracked some of the main stems of the tree of life. They had to hack into the family system. We can say, to simplify things, they crashed the natural attraction between men and women and the natural bondings of parents with their children. This is only a short post so that I cannot lay out all the details. In Europe they started the Industrialisation through displacement. Lots of wars were created. This process is known as the construction of Nations. They were completely intented and artificial and not the natural product of anything. Through the plenty of wars families got destroyed into pieces, so that people tried to survive in the woods. They had been buildung groups, later also discriminated as Vandals or Gypsies or Paupers. The Myths of Robin Hood might give you a glimpse from this process. It does not matter, if Robin Hood as a single person really existed. Indeed there had been plenty but not royal young men who were trying to make their survival in the woods. They got encircled and dragged into the cities where they finally had to work in the newborn industries. Women were not spared out from that unless they were belonging to the Riches. The Industrialisation and the artificial building of States in Europe must be seen as the greatest threat on families which took place in Europe around 250 years ago. Many people could not even get married because they had nowhere to stay. The Grandfamilies which were the Units of societies before got destroyed and reduced bit by bit to always smaller getting Units. Through Feminism (in 2 phases: Step 1 before the Russian Revolution) and Step 2 around 1980)the last big threat was done. In the Northern Hemisphere of the Globe we are facing now a horrific degree of Single parented children. Nearly all children from the age of about 2 years (if not earlier) face daily separation even from their last closed relative, their Moms, over the day. But you might ask what this could have to do with Rationalism. Let me try to get that simple. A femal animal cannot get separated from her babies unless through violent domestication by man or death. And the same thing is or was the case within indigeneous people. But in our societies Rationalism took over. People don`t get it anymore who they are: Animals or Earthling or how shall I express the difference between a Robothuman and Indigenous People. They were acting on I AM (acting from within), modern people are acting on thoughts which they get dictated in the Media or Books or by Doctors, Males ... Males are advicing women how to give birth. And that it is called or rationalised with the term Evidence-Based Medicin. Meanwhile many women find it even acceptable if they allow these doctors to butcher their children out of their wombs. Can you imagine that: you are the babie in your Moms womb and suddenly somebody enters into your house with a skalp. That it is were we are now by the way of Rationalism. I call it Alienisation and do not wonder that people are waiting for aliens to arrive on the planet. Study the brain here