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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

They had just been a bit bigger than others

I told you already that no normal Human comes on the idea in Africa`s heat to move more than necessary and comfortable unless by force. It also makes no sense why little people should build huge houses in which they then will only barry their dead Masters. When I was small I got to see Tuttti (Tutenchamon) on a picture: Mom, what is that, why does he has such big head? God thanks she did not answer for him: That I can understand and hear you better. She also refused that he were sick (Mom had been a Nurse) ... So whaaaaaat! ?????? That exactly had been the answer, remaining open from those days, since 50 years. If the Museans did not have shown these big heads from Nofretete and so, I would probably doubt: Somebody has too much time and needs to build big skulls ... But I had seen them (as statue), those days they did not think we would wonder too much. Now people wonder, don`t they? After being expelled, migration to Rome, Suisse, setting Religion and Banking System up.