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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Instead of further Genozide

Many people see in the white Race the big threat of Mankind. And how else should that be for the red people in Amerika and Australia? How else that should be? That it is what they were experincing: ignorant white people who came and took their lives, their land ... their souls? No. The badest Evil possessed people might have wanted that to happen. But it will never happen because the spirit cannot be killed and taken, but it can be recognized and even .... Did you ever knew, that the white people had been the first ones who got "civilized" .. enslaved like shit. We were not living different than the red man till the Romans came with Jesus Christ. Really. They even have made us forget. They burnt as much as artefacts and whatsover and faught our seers and healerwomen and warriors, they burnt our Sha(wo)men over 1200 year after torture and rape on stake. 1200 years they needed to put our indigineous life down. Even they tortured our ancestors, even they burnt them, still they could not overcome the truth, finally they brought from somewhere in the East the Pesitlencia and killed like that half of the European population. Who are they, who are these Evil people? It is time to identify them. But still the Evil is dwelling in many white people, at least in the US and allthough they know, what horrorthings they had been doing, they cannot ask forgiving. If they won`t there will never be peace on Earth, I scare. We are seeing now that that Evil went all over the Globe, it will not spare anyone out, no matter which colour of skin unless we discover who we are, who we were and what brought us that down. As said,the Roman Church did a really well job all over on Earth. But yet something is left. Here listen to the Creation story.