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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Black Magick

People, I mean those who we recognize as "Mob", usually do not "believe" in anything to do with Black Magick or Voodoo unless black people or indigenous people. This came about through over 1000 years of whitchhunt in Europe by the Vatican. Allthough they were "fighting" demons ... this had not been their goal at all but to bring down people`s ability to see and sense things beyond the material appearance in front of them. The Vatican needed to get the Monopol over the Spiritual Realms, from there they went on through shifting the "Beliefs" into "Science" (which only recognized Materialism) ... and so they could get "us". People do not know anything about Magick or Voodoo, they see these things as unreal or impossible ... This really has to change and it has to change fast. So, you might want to know how Voodoo functions. I do not know it all ... but the basics I do know. One basic way is that one to twist a persons or groups mind through the Tool Thesis/Antithesis. By giving 2 "choices" the "consumer" gets sucked into these 2 choices and does not see that there are Billion more choices concerning this or that topic even that choice to not choose anything. More simpler: Imagine you wonna sell something to a person. If you wonna betray the person you might love to use Mindcrontol: You do not ask if a certain person needs anything (to buy), you invoke that need by asking: which one you need? The red apple or the yellow banana? You see the choice to get out of the deal is denied at the beginning. This tool is also the one underneath so called Democracy. No matter which party you choose, you are within "the deal": you accept to be governed. Tools like this I call Mindtools which are based on words. They are used in advertisement as well. The next way to invoke Voodoo is over pictures: with other words, to use symbols who must get "defined" so that a person will unlock the meaning automatically lateron. That it is the way how they are using the triangle or hexagram, again and again. Please note: the handsymbol of the triangle itself has no power at all unless you defined it before. Please also note: If par example you see A. Merkel with that triangle handsymbol you can dispower her: as far as you know the spell she is trying you just take your hand and crisscross her handsymbol: done. No more "Magick" needed to disempower handsymbols. The main power of Magick is that the victim(s) are unconscious about it. Spells (words) furtheron can be more empowered through the use of the Elements: water, air/wind, fire, earth (minerals, plants, blood). A victim can get watered with an embedded spell in his drink. All you need is to get the written spell into his/her drink. The spell might be written with ink from an octogon or blood or other secrets of an organism. Finally Voodoo can get more empowered with sound and poison. If you look on these short explanations and use them on what you were passing during the last 30 years, you might be able to see that they used all of these basic tools, but not on one single person but on huge societies. The rest of the spells must get clear to you: The archon spell is always directed against the original Godess blueprint. They are reversing everything.