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Saturday, October 4, 2014

All roads lead to Rome but some to Tibet

from there back to Suisse and so fort around the Globe, of course we won`t forget the US nor Uk, nor ISRAEL and all the other Chosen Ones, who feel to be that important that they must exploit and slaughter others. Of course, I do not talk about the little wo-men unless by our compliance for all that shit, what we are facing like a big cloake which cannot really flower new plants. You see a hidden government needs to be hidden, not so? Of course there are different styles to remain hidden. We have learnt about that special style In plain sight, so obviously installed that we get blind about it. We can even whitness how fast people can accept the pretty open poisoned skies as somehow normal. Another style is the use of dialectic. Put one Evil in the public view and they might run into the next Evil Agenda, which was introduced as Antithesis just to run things to the next level of Evil. All of us know the chronicle criticism of the US Mindcontroller for its citizens about nearly 1/3 of the world population which got nationalized in Red China, at least the working part. This looked got deeply implanted in the US-Brain, is remaining there and will probably get triggered when the Hidden Ones need it (again). . Still now that very "great" Nation has difficulties to see itself different than a globally "Freedom" fighting Nation which must chronicle forget about his birth, you know that other red nightmare, they can`t deal with it different than in Concentraioncamps and destruction of their families and rites and languages. That Nation build from many different cultured people from everywhere got the worldwide police. Some Americans used to be shocked these days and try to make their soldiers to remember their oath: Oh man, soldiers you should kill our enemies (all the Non-Americans) but Americans? . They are truly shocked since they got clever that 911 was meant against them. Upps? I really hope that this lesson will bring US Citizens in large numbers back to their humanity: You are not an US Citizen, folks, you are Humans . So that is already the way to get over "it", I mean that hidden hand what was able to put us into that mess we are in. But nevertheless we should know where to find the Virus, don`t we? I hope you are not such foolish Esot-Erica that thinks only positiv ...meaning ignorant and does not need to eliminate the disturbing virus and its sour ce. We need to otherwise our human-body will not work properly. It is relatively known that the Vaticlan and the Monarchies of Europe are the providers of the Viruses but not that known is the Asean Part, the so called red nightmare. As said before, the working people are nationalized in Red China, how can they be your enemies? They are as fucked as we are. Aside of them we have Capitalist China. Somehow miraculeous Hong Kong ( sounds like King Kong) did not get that red nightmare till 1997. The British gave it back to China? Why? What happened to them? Nothing, nothing special I guess. Do you remember how Nelson Mandela went into prison, so was the story because he was against white supremacy in Southafrica and came out of the prison as the best friend of the Queen? Hello? What is going. The Queen, "our" German Queen changed her mind, gave back Hong Kong and made Nelson her well friend? Okay they are the Black Nobility, are they not? They love to tell the story, really they do. They might be black, who knows, they used to take everything, women and children and men, for whatever and whomever they were greedy. These days they might get black people foolish enough to turn against white people (again, it would not be the first time - for another post)instead of joining together as Mankind ... but whenever we find anything nobel? Mammon and lies, torture and killing? But how does Asia fit into the wargames? Aside Hong Kong they preserved another Island, yes that it is right: Tibet. The holy Tibet with its holy Pedophile and Torturer Dalai Lama, who was helping the US-Elite to demonize the Asian people as if they were about to kill us in the West because they got communized. You see before Mao Asean people got murdered like flies by flooding the area with drugs and crimes, of course starvation and all kind of torture, just like in the Middle Ages in Europe. The Asiatic Pope, the Dalai Lama, had pleasure to do all sorts of crimes against the simple people over there. Really, it happens, Chinese people finally thought: All you british and chinese Murderers move away, they thought Communism was a way for them to get a better life, just a little better life than that one before. . I guess these impressions had been horrific enough to give the input of some empathy for the Chinese people, don`t they? Most of them people really got better through Communism, at least they did not die like flies on the streets like before. But of course the war had to be continued, The Propaganda Machine were set up, where? See above, of course in the US. They finally gave the session in Asia, not in China but Vietnam and more. Of course all in the name of freedom, unfortunately not the freedom of the Asean people. Finally I should probably mention Ghengis Chan, sounds like Clan, doesn`it?, was not described that nice as well. With other words: Please, have some sympathy with them Asean people that they really believed in Communism as a way for their freedom from starvation and torture. Could they know that they would get betrayed again?. They did not. Now Tibet get refreshed from the West. The Dalai Lama got their Embassador for Asean Affairs, of course the Red Chinese people are demons but the Dalai Lama stands for Peace and Freedom and Spirituality. Oh, weia, because it is far away, you can believe it, don`t? So, these people did not miss any misery without the Communists. We are dealing here with the Pharaohcracy, worldwide. These people have to move their ashes either into prison or out of Earth but out of human life, all over the Globe. I love this (US-)Women - I am a (German)women - she is getting out of the shizoid situation of capitalism versus communism and all these sucking ideologies. Again, we have to identify as humans.