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Sunday, October 5, 2014


I found that one here pretty funny. Unfortunately I do not believe that Ebola is designed race specific, or let me put it different: it depends on the chosen race. May be it is designed for white people? You see, people can say a lot about white people but one accuse does not really fit, they are not known as people who will finally agree into their enslavement. They are more known as warriors of some kind. So, I am thinking, which race would they need to elimate completely? You name it. However, as said and I will repeat it again: we shall overcome that bullshit of races and get together as humans, which is our real race. But back to Ebola: What would fit better Martial law than the need of Quarantene? Exactly some Pestilencia. They had been exermining that already pretty successfully in Europe to get rid of the Middle Ages .. sorry, to get rid of the Europeans of those days. They killed half of our ancestors with the Pestilencia. And as successfull that had been they also did the same shit to the Natives in America, their water and bulls. But it could also be that they are trying to cook us hot. Calm folks, get calm and make sure that you have some collodial silver. I personally am a bit lazy and just cook my silverring in water and drink it, in case. But you must have a well stomache, but finally it gets it all out. Just for the case that any kind of virus should meet you where you can`t produce your fine collodial silver, remember the idea but please note: on your own risk. Remember the Svineflu ... somehow that Pest stopped because nobody bought into the hoax.