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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Destruction of Values, Genderism

Folks, I don`t know how Russia could be involved or not involved in the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA 21 - I guess they are rather in the know than not, but anyway we have to hold on things which are correct. The Strange destruction of any kind of values concerning our reproduction and families is undeniable nothing else than Depopulation and Transhumanism. This is nothing to do with the rights of any single person to be homosexual or lesbian but to do with the urgent stop of that Agenda which needs to turn people into homosexuals through not only propaganda but also the foods. Feminism is such an Agenda. The Suisse Pharaohs have already formed a policy in which they want to forbid the children to call their Moms Mama and their Father Papa, they want them to be called: Elder 1 and Elder 2. In the Kindergardens children shall be taught sexual habits by the age of 4. Folks these things have to end, and we should support anyone in that respect. Learn more in an Article of Dr. Curtis Duncan Please note: I do not support the Black People Idea they would be alone under threat, concerning the chemical and genetical manipulations it is even so that white people are much more under threat over the last ">100 years in Europe.