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Friday, October 10, 2014

Monopoly is not Earth but war against her

Meanwhile in Germany, which was once known and scared for the Romans as a strange place of forest in which they couldn`t enter with their war-robotic-mercenaries as usual but got some resistance through a) the trees and b) the indigeneous people, it is getting more and more difficult to even get along with people to define, what could be a forest. The younger generations are missing -so to speak- the point. They think that 5 trees make up a forest and unfortunately I am not joking. This is Germany where they either killed or imprisoned the trees. You see, wherever there is a strong forest, there are healthy and happy Animals and Humans. They have shelter, they have water, they have fresh air, they have fruits unless the whole thing get sprayed with Chemtrails. So, let us reverse the saying: wherever the forests and real wilderness get destructed there are sick Animals and sick Humans. That fits of course as well the bill for the oceans. Sometimes, and I had to reduce these some times for the sake of my mental survival, when I am trying to meet nature, I find instead of nature these places for small-gardeners in which everything is allowed, especially to control the growth of plants: these gardeners love to domesticate even the grases till they look like the Wimbledon Stadion ... Of course you won`t find children nor animals having pleasure in them ... DISEASE. Warning: Heare are working people with DISEASE on the soils. Their disease is called Earth-Allergy: Everything what Mother Earth is provoding must be controlled and corrected. For that reason these sick humans are using the tools of much of Monopoly , Chemical and genetical destruction and Cement. Things, in the sick minds of these sick people, shouldn`t just grow as they like to grow and were designed to grow. Noop. The littleGardener must feel like a little God and so s-he will take care, that even a fouling leave cannot accidentially compost the ground. Things must be planned. These littleGardeners are that sick that they can even decide to just kill a very old tree, if this tree should disturb their plans. In the following video we can find a hero tree, he didn`t just want to leave Earth without his last act. And look how these imposters of their disease are reporting the issue. They really think they got attacked ... did they even realize that the whole forest through which they were driving is dead? The following guy is finding somehow out that civilisation went us into depression, into mental bankrupcy so to speak, what of course he must present pretty "civilized" with a pretty presentation, which looks pretty scientific because we cannot just know what it is bad for us, we must make these special kind of pictures which look so intelligent.. But despite of his solutions, which will lead nowhere, he is right. Humans were not originally designed to work the whole day in industries, far away from loved ones, including their own children, nor away from Mama Earth. But there are some Entities on Earth, who obviously love to play Monopoly and that includes the total destruction of Nature. And they got all races of the human family, as far as they did not eliminate them, to participate in that horrible game. How did that work out? Relatively simple. If there are some Psychopaths who can actually find some kind of togetherness and if it is about terrorizing people, their game starts to be. They will thieve, rape and torture people and if the normal people do not get clever about these activities by the right time... and in the past they did not ... they find themselves in slavery to them Psychopaths. Essentially this happened for not only Mankind but also Animalkind and all the plants and oceans. We are now, probably in the final stage of that madness, which got called Agriculture and is said to have been started 12000 years ago. It got round up with the Industrialisation since about 250 ago. The onliest way to come out of that madness will be to overcome our Naivity towards Psychopaths and our wickedness. Yes that it is right. I do not believe that all people are living in a permanent stage of blindness and wake up. After so many years of historical experience with a psychopathic system we of course have learnt what we might not have believed to be possible in the first place but got to know then, over and over again. I therefore think, that our more bigger problem is our wickedness. And wickedness is the basic of corruption. Just think about it. Think again. Did you defend your collegue who got insulted or otherwise harmed that day xy. Go it all through. Just go it all through. And please do not make me tired with that racial wickedness of the poor black man who got, so he repeats it again and again, victimized by the white men. That it is not true but a clever lie to avoid to face wickedness. When the Elites and their mercenaries of 40 Countries went to kill the Libyans and tortured aside white Lybeans many many black people who had been working in Libya, I had tuff times to even find some black american people to say anything against that. One of them 2 was him. But again and again they are preaching on racism, just like that: the white man, even born out of Evil according to Farrakhan. This kind of wicketness sucks me and obviously also some black men. This guy brings it to that point. But this is only one of the expressions of wickedness in the Human family. Another pretty famous expression of wickedness is those of expartners, who are using their children to fight each other ... it is a pretty common wickedness. Many women are really calling their expartners and fathers of their children in such nusty terms, which they have been learning from the feminists, actually the same wicketness like descibed before in the case of black racism: Can you imagine that there had been times when these women were hunting their expartners for love or money or both ... but they need to hate them and even to destroy their reputation in the eyes of their children. Such wickedness of course is also performed by man. We can go through many many usual affairs, we always end up to face wickedness. How is it par example that thousands of people are crowling to their knees for their beloved singers but when they get killed ... Okay, let us find another hero, at least in our dreams we need a hero.I am really tired about this wickedness. If people won`t overcome that disease they must face the results: extermination. I have been concentrating here on Racism and Sexism. Actually we are facing White Genocide aside a lot of other Genocides, in fact the depopulation Agenda is running. They, the Psychopaths of all Races, are up to let us fight against each other. In Europe, the white genocide (as mentioned yesterday) was runned through much of chemical attacks through the NAZI-ZIONist Agenda aside of all their wars. WWII killed 20 Million Germans, 20 Milllion Russians and 20 Million Japanese. Just some numbers to think about, we usually get another number told about that war. But actually, they were much more reduction in: If the Germans, the Russians and Japanese lost 60 Million people and among them more men than women, they also lost reproduction abilities for further generations, didn`t they? There is a reason for the special war on white people. That reason is, that among all human races slavery, they are the least who will accept it. And that it is what we are facing also among the resistance against the NWO, don`t we? What colour do they have who are speaking out all over the Internet? You better think what you are talking, when you continue with your wicked racism against white people. I am by the way not a racist. And that means that I do not buy in any racism alike against which race, including the white race. I was always standing up against racism towards black, yellow and red people ... and so I will do against racism towards white people. Racism is like Genderism or Sexism a pretty sinister tool of pretty maniac people otherwise also known as devide and conquer tool. That means: I am standing for my love. If I love a black man, I love a black man. If I love a yellow man, I love a yellow man. If I love a red man, I love a red man. That it is that easy. Real love does not ask for the colour of skin nor advantages through somebody with the "right" race. And that it is the same thing concerning other things. Does a rape gets a better thing if done by a black, yellow or red men? I was living among white culture and I was living among black culture, but not in America (God thanks). I appreciated and loved the black culture because of their somehow much more vivid ways but concerning seriosity I had to stand for myself, meaning to rely on my white culture, morals and intelligence. I am sorry to say that but it was the truth. If I wanted to survive in Jamaica I had to rely on my God and Intelligence but not on my black fellows? There is nothing for free in black societies as I experienced them, unfortunately. A helping hand was usually asking for payment ... usually and unfortunately overwhelmingly. Natural human helpful behavior got made into a business. So one had actually to pay not to get molessed. Is that nice or the output of Melanin, the newest bullshit ideology of black racism? So, I am asking here for non wicked and human behavior. The following interview is pretty interesting, somebody who did not pick up to the disease of racism. Allthough I do not agree to all his thoughts and ideas he actually is looking in the things as a losted war of the red warriors. He does not describe them as better nor worser people.