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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Go back to sleep

if you like but please do not call yourself a loving Parent, if you do not get your ash up and do something to protect the children. I don`t know where the parents have been that they did not realize this fucked up program on their childrne. I also do not know where the teachers had been, who felt no shame to "teach" such nonsense. I am deeply shocked about the wickedness all over. Little children are getting even sexual practizes teached which most adults don`t even know. How can it be that nothing came out ... such long time? Who was not parenting in the last 15 years, who had not been teaching or caring children as pedagogue, did not know anything about these "teachings" ... but the rest knew. Horrible, I am absolutely traumatized from this kind of wickedness. Please note, I am not Christian, but yet my feelings are natural: Adults have nothing to do within childrens sexuality unless to protect their natural developement. But Christians here were not that wicked and had been putting these things into the net. This is the promoted way of participation, your? Here you get more informations in German. Please check these things out by the code School Curricular. Germans, please get here a flyer and pass it on. More information you can get here. English talking people: do something. Sexual Agendas are always a way of abuse and mindcontrol.