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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Silent war, Radiation and the US

What we cannot see, we must finally suffer, don`t we? In earlier times parents used to say: If you cannot listen, you must feel. Let me add something: If people don`t stop with their bad habit to dismiss all warnings then .... Symptoms of Radiation Exposure Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea Skin burns Weakness Lethargy and fatigue Loss of appetite / (anorexia) Fainting Dehydration Inflammation of tissues (swelling, redness or tenderness) Hemorrhages under the skin Bleeding from your nose, gums or mouth Anemia Hair loss Decrease in platelets Now let us look into the Propaganda Views Unfortunately they are not telling us how much of payment they got for these kind of preachings. Since I am enjoying the Internet I got to know the US even more and since then I feel some kind of gratitude for that reason that I was neither born there nor grown there nor have to live there. Of course I would have liked to enjoy the American Nature but .... and now I would have to add a long list of suffernis which would already start with the birth And from there the means of murder would never stop throughout the whole life. Sounds like a pretty demonic experience, doesn`it? And so the rest of the world must know: Junkies are not that pleasant. They will do everything for their next kick. Now, my allergic reaction against that what they call US went somehow over But please, don`t bring those guys to DenHaag ... Please, don`t do that folks. First of all we really love to see this. In short terms it means: Ami go home, devide your atome for peace but nevertheless you do not get us to your way of life. Okay, things run a bit different since you freed Germany from itself. Your drugs came into Germany like everywhere on Earth. But after WWII and your special intervention which looked a bit like an invention, uups ..what did I just say? ... German people were in need for some kind of hope and so they had been singing. Anti-America-Song Upps, she does not look German. Does that matter? Not really as we all got Germans in some way. We get all the orders straight either from the Holy Wood or the PenDragon inclusive Feminism and the German-Double
What a holy shit .. it seems we are doomed by the weakett Ones. And we all need to bring them down.