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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who will be next?

Did you check already out how big your chances are not to be destroyed (means: killed)till 2025? Since someone now gave us the tip with Deagel as a board where you can see mankinds achievement in Mayham tools as well as mankinds best maniacs and their goals in each country, you got now a clear and easy chance to check it out. Are you an USer: I must tell you, times to come do not look that well for you. The Maniacs had planned to reduce you people from now 316 to then (2025)in 69 Million survivors. That it is not fair: Chinese people shall only not grow furthermore and be thankfull for their 1.4 Billion people. Germans shall only loose 1 Million. May be this is Karma because we lost so much in the last war. But France shall let some much people die and England even some much more. I do not want to take the pleasure away from you to see for yourself what it is on the menue card for the Aristocrats and to debate, if things got projected within correct Karma regulations. These Masters of Murder can also offer a YouTubeChannel. For a brief survey on biowarfare your might feel well informed here . Yes, you are right: Mankind is pretty sick. Usually that would mean that some corrections were to be applied. you better think these things through. will you first kill and then die or will you meditate and die, all such things, you better think about them. The people in the Ukraine did not even know that Nato finds them attractive ... Nobody knew, at least not when this attraction would lead to actions. Of course, the Insider did know that and when, a long time do they know when they go for which murder mission. . Yes, so things are folks unless we change them by all means of prayer and action. We better do.