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Monday, October 27, 2014

We must reverse our ways: Health

The Internet is meanwhile filled with Health Advices. Till we come through all of these advices who do not even agree with each other we might have suffered a lot. So, I don`t guarantee you anything nor do I tell you anything but: trial and error. Follow things which sound logical and somehow right but go for trial and error. If the advices do not get you better stop to follow them. Dr. Glidden is giving here a webinar about the 10 foods to avoid. I can assure you: Bread-s (grains) are fucked up and I know what I am talking about. I am a German. Germans are the biggest bread producer all over the world. Just google Bread causes .... or follow your taste after eating all of that breadly deadly things, Pizza, Cakes, Breads ... urks. Souwer empty feelings left which lead you to eat another thing to get rid of the taste. // Of course Dr. Glidden has a special talk but look: you must have learnt already not to follow like a sheeple anyone. Again: No one. Just consider and then go gor trial and error. When proven as well you can inform others. May be these people can offer you even a business. But please: do not follow Money but God. God won`t advice you to pick up something you know to be bad. This never happens. That said, enjoy the Videos.