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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Antibiotic Madness of Mankind

This has no more words of description. If you are sick of that Antibiotic Madness which was warned about in Gaia Sophia, you won`t even see it because you are sick. The rest of us who can still see it better wakes up and does everything for a cure.
One of the Symptoms of Antibiotic Human Madness is to kill plants which they judge as "weeds", no one knows how they can get to such judgements, they got somehow mentally allergic against Nature, with other words against Life itself. One of the plants killed like that is the nettle, the plant which can let you stay healthy and survive the coming threat. (It is for a reason that the EU has forbidden the use of Nettles as fertilizer for other plants. They grow fast and strong like you would grow and stay strong and healthy if you would eat and drink them, also pretty well to safe the animals: much of ingredients in Nettles)