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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Route to Power

Living in the World of 3 Dimensions (3D) means to live within a body. It means to be born by a Virgin, which should be Mother Earth I would associate it ... and then to live from her fruits, her Apples so to speak. As more as one would understand about these Apples and own them, which are representing the Elements Air, Water, Earth, Fire in generally, as more Power one would get. The Romans (I just take that name here for those Family Branches which are standing behind that Code and leave that research here alone) did not make their World Power in first hand with Religion but with Weapons and that meant with the knowledge about weapons and certain other arenas of warfare. Not that the Romans were the Weapon Makers them own but those who counted 1 and 1 together and made so to speak the management of the "re-sources": If we have the finest weapons we win and let others work for us. Let us not only "buy" but also "steal" the products and finally gain the Magick of Alchemy. And so mankind passed the Stone Age, then the Iron Age and then the Bronze Age and that had meant: Swords. What am I talking about? King Arthur and Excalibur... I am fascinated from the Story of Avalon (Ava by the way means Eve); I have seen the Film Myths of Avalon meanwhile 20 times and that meanwhile does not mean a pretty long periode of time. It contains so many knots of mankinds history .... Out of this Film ... and I know this film is pretty boring as a Film but I just want you to see the main point and to make the connection between stealing and steeling, they are pretty much relatives. Won`t you relate sin-s with a powerful King like Arthur, when you would know that only the strongest sword(s) would bring the most profit, only the strongest ones ...Out of the Virgin Mother Earth they gained Sin or Tin, a Metal which could able to strengthen any former known metal. The original Sin, provided by a woman, speak Mother Earth. And somehow interesting to strengthen my associations we are finding Avalon, according to this source not in Glastonbury but in the Burgh Islan in the area of Devon where again King Arthur and former Kings of the Lady of the Lake, like Uther Pen Dagron, got the Excalibur Sword ... (to swear ...the sword/in German: schwören, das Schwert ...connect words dear reader). And somehow interestingly that area, not alone but enough ... offered, guess what? Right: Tin, the original Sin which sponsored then Christianity, a mining industry of Mother Earth Apples. Religion folks, so far, is warfare. It is the Video below which brought me to go after King Arthur (again) and I urge you to do so as well; it might free you from your roman-tical ideas of Jesus, the Knight and Magda the Helene, another construct of the Romans (the whole Conglomerat of sworn Powerfreaks): Mary Magdalene ...In German the Magd is a Maiden .. and further stumple around alongside of associations brings you either to the Moon (Lene or Luna) or to Germany or to Greece and her Helena. Somehow all these Figures Jesus, Magdalene, King Arthur, Merlin and so fort are all linked and embraced stories, his and herstories, so to speak while they keep us in the dark ages, blind to the truth, that they are not only fucking with our minds but also with Mother Earth, they are so to speak Motherfuckers.