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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Well can you be in debt to someone who did not give you anything than thinn air? But please, don`t take this as legal advice, make your own researches and decisions. This text was taken from CA3DebtFreeMe Facebook Group * *NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ THIS ESSENTIAL INFORMATION** About This Group and the Conditional Acceptance process CA3 is a group with the specific goal of helping you resolve any alleged debts you are being pursued for. CA3 stands for "Conditional Acceptance 3". This is what the process is focused around. We can give guidance on a lawful, reasonable and most importantly, an effective process in having alleged debts acknowledged as void. This should not be construed as "Legal Advice", but tried and tested experience and research. When a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) pursues a person for an alleged debt they make several claims designed to imbue you with a sense of obligation, and fear if you do not comply with them. However if the DCA (or their affiliates) do have the right to pursue claims then they must have certain lawful documents. The reality is 99% of the time they do not have these documents. Essentially what they do is fraud and misrepresentation through menace and harassment. There are two ways they win -1: by you fearing them and entering into contract with them.. and 2: by you ignoring them, you do not refute their claims and thus they become lawfully recognised as facts in a court of law and extract even more money from you. By sending a series of letters (3 to be exact) you go about the process in an honourable manner. A conditional acceptance is just that - you accept their claim upon you - on the conditions that they can provide proof of claim. This will be in the form of several documents, which invariably they do not own. A DCA will often buy the debt from the original creditor. In doing this the original debt is paid for, extinguished, it becomes a dead parrot. They pay pennies on the pound for these claims and then seek to profit by harassing the alleged debtor with threats and vexatious litigation. One trick they will use is to claim they act as lawful agent on behalf of their client, implying their client is the original creditor... in fact its more likely their client is a parent company or proxy to the DCA who have bought the debt. Either way, they are lawfully required to possess certain documents to act as third party agents or else they are literally criminal interlopers. The 3 letter/Notice of Conditional Acceptance process establishes exactly what is the reality by making lawful and reasonable requests for the proof. Should they be unable to supply these specifics in a timely fashion, they enter into a tacit agreement with you - just like you would with them if you ignored their claims and demands. This allows you to put them under what is called an Irrevocable Estoppal, have the alleged acknowledged as void and should you wish, begin to bill them according to your own fee schedule for making vexatious fraudulent claims against your person. This group operates on the principle of Honour. We are not here to help people freeload or act in dishonour. This group is here to expose the fraud in the debt collection industry and empower people with the knowledge to shake off their shackles.