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Sunday, November 2, 2014


We are facing the biggest threat one can think of, which many of us humans cannot even imagine to be really true for ourselves than only for later generations: Massdepopulation through Bio-Terrorism. This did not come quickly along but slowly therefore surely, step by step. Nevertheless it was always known also by those who we see keeping silent or denying things badly. I am trying here to clear certain basics in order to identify the cause-s of the depopulation threat. I am writing this even knowing that my blog has not as much as visitors as I might wish to reach out to. Do I really wish a greater audience? It is not that true because it does not really fit my believes about the topic how to be effective. If we are looking for a job, par example, we do not need to check out all possible joboffers all over the Globe, not even all over ones region, we only need to find the one Job, which fits the need, not more. On the other hand we have of course the shotgun method: as more shots we have done as more chances there might be that a little rabbit can`t get through the bombardement. That it is more the style of the greedy ones who can never get enough. But well, both of the methods work more or less. I usually prefer the first mentioned methode: just to shoot the one rabbit which furtheron gives the nutritions which are really needed. With other words, if I can find only one who will seriously consider my concerns and conclusions about Bioterrorism; I have made a big step, much bigger than to reach out to all 7 Billion Humans ...who usually forget within 5 seconds what had been the issue. Meanwhile people bypass the big screens, which are postulated at any public place in order to shoot rabbits. Do you know, what I observed? There could be written: WW-III starts in the Evening. The Rabbits would not change anything. We are in Massmedia Inflation: people can`t take further info-food and if they get told: you are dead tomorrow. May be they would even be glad to be dead soon. As a teacher of adults I used to ask the classmembers of many classes: If you had the chance of reincarnation, would you come back? The answers of the majorities had been overwhelmingly clear: no more. Since these investigations I doubt that people are scared of death, they are scared of pains. At least this had been the results of my investigations in that matter. I asked a lot of classmembers and the results were always the same: Death okay but no pains. I was even surprized myself; I used to think that people were afraid of death. Over these investigations I came to the conclusion that the average person functions by about 80% of his doings based on her/his wish that the/a (current) pain will be finished now, not tomorrow or next year. This even functions like that, when only death seems to finish the current pain. When is that the case? Essentially: When there is no more hope on a change. No wonder that Obama offered Change. People did not even want to ask for the kind of change to be expected, I guess because change stands for hope that the current pain-s move now now away. Which kind of pains can we suffer? Emotional pains and physical pains. The Change pill was needed by the USers in order to move on, only that single pill and not the possible side effects of the kind of change. People take all kind of pills only to get rid of the current pains. Which kind of pains can people suffer? Mental pains are usually pains of destroyed love-relationships of any kind and physical pains are caused by any kind of injuries and/or sickness. But even mental and physical pains might be hard there is nothing harder than the lack of hope that these current pains will not go away. And here we are: this is the domain of priests, politiceans and doctors. It does not matter which kind of priest, really not: the priest can be catholic or evangelic or just a voodoo master, the original version of all priests. It does not matter which kind of politicean either: s/he can be democrat or communist or socialist or republican or whatsoever but they must provide basics: get the folks hope to get rid of the current pains. And what about the doctors? It does not matter either if they offer hope through cuttings of organs or through giving tinctures or whatsoever, they have to provide hope that the current pain will stop to be. All of these professionals had been doing their jobs and they got always pretty well paid. Can you imagine? About half a Million Dollars per year gets a Sleeping Doctor every year, just those doctors who put people in sleep before they get their organs cut. If the butchers cut them out of function and leave pains those sleeping doctors, who will then manage these pains, even get a bit more than half a Million Dollar per year. Half a Billion Dollar per Year! Let us look for the Income of the Politicians: Wow. The income of Priests is compared with the former mentioned groups somehow small. But do not let us forget about the income done through taxfree extra income by free rent and other advantages like that. For Voodoo Masters we don`t have any statistics, be assured: they get as much as you can even imagine. In Africa they are holding the biggest incomes at all (don`t forget the different currencies). So, now we got the basics: the lack of hope brings people to spend much of money to doctors, politicians and priests. And that`s it, I mean the system. Nearly. That things can run like that the people must be held in chronicle fears of pains. And that gets of course also provided. Wars, torture, bad news. All these things get connected with Money, the biggest spell which was ever created. Money: if we have no money we cannot remove our current pains, so it seems to us. No money, no life ..everything is a "bond"age to money, so if we run out of money know what happens: you get sick and sicker....and you did not even ever understood what that moneything is all about. So let us study that first: . In short words we have learnt that governments are creating debts of their governed people who the governed people will have to pay to them, from them to the Banksters, from them to the Priesthoods and from them to the certain Kings and Queens. Finish, nearly, because this makes sick and hopeless and another deadly circle begins as mentioned above. So the outway seems to be Gold/Silver ... I say it seems like that. Why should mankind grab for Gold and Silver? Can we eat it? It really has for mankind not much of use to grab for gold nor silver. We need food and shelter and we also need less waste. So, my idea is: let us get into a system in which we simply share what Nature provides us with. Too simple? Okay, then you might love to continue like this. Please, don`t argue, this would be a hard case .... how many people are killing every day people for money? Pilotes? Food-workers (adding some poisons into the foods) and so fort and so fort... there is basicly no "job" left without a part of killing, mentally or physically .. We are now only few steps away from mass suicides and Mass Genozide. So think again what could be BIO-Terrorism. Here is another one with the same idea than mine.