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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Connect the dots ...

meanwhile it seems that Mankind is "hunting" the Jews, especially in the Canadean, US and UK awakening Communities. But what if we/you get tricked? The highest of the highest do not go out there and show you there own face. How can they survive if the angry mobs worldwide get ready for them? They need their puppets and you better believe it does not matter to them at all who they choose for that purpose to let some heads to be rolled: one time a or the politiceans another time the Police or all those, who could be used, to direct anger on him, her or them. Those who we look for have no religion different from those (plural) who they create/d themselves to confuse the ordinairy people: they go pluralistic in their logistic even if they had invented Monotheism versus former Polytheism. This made things even more invisible for the ordinairy people and more fanatic as well, if there is only one God for each of the brainwashed people who will help only them.  For the Pharaohs it is so to speak logic to, or ideo-logic to use for themselve the Hydra-Principal of the Medusa but so that ordinairy people do not understand it but war each other. And even if we find this strategy out (as more and more people are finding that meanwhile out and must find it out because no one of us ordinairy people does not got chem-poisoned, no one all over the Globe) you and me shall never know where exactly they are but anywhere and nowhere and most certain even within plain sight and among yourself: within your womb and/or within your people. Hope you followed the whole video and did not get mad when you heard the name Rothchild whose theory brought Syphillis from the Natives of the New World to Europe. Lateron in the video things changed and went back to be originated in Europe, especially to places of the Churches or so called friaries, which translate into German as some kind of working houses or prisons. The name friar translated into German is the word Freier, which is indeed a person looking for a women, it could be someone who wants to marry, could also be someone who looks for a professional organized rape within places for prostitution: working places. The word Freier also establish the day Freitag/Friday and relates to the Nordic and German Goddess Freya associated as Mother Earth. Somehow the word also relates to the word "free" and probably to this lady who had been migrating from France to the New World. So the question really is, who is free and from who or what. As Mister Einstein was quoted over and over again: things are pretty relative. What is spending the Pharaohs or Aristocrats Freedom is surely something different than what Freedom from Pharaohs would be for the ordinairy Humans and Animals and even the Plants on Earth. Bioterrorism is quite sure a pretty ancient technique to silence those who shall serve the GODS and do not want that. What we are facing with the Chemtrails is with other words not new but only one of the results of warscience. And so are the sign not new but old. Instead of Bin Laden (sounds also German: translated meaning: I am in the shop/business) we get now more directly terrified, in plain sight: ISIS alias SS or the Sisterhood of ISIS. As suggested in the video you can find here what the signs really mean. If I were an ordinairy Jew I would probably leave ISRAEL and the US and so fort, they will lead the blame on them more or less. Long time they have created Astana for those who pay. Ordinairy women meanwhile of course shall pay with their female organs, these folks are after men and women and our abilities to enjoy and love and get children.