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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Demonic Attack on Familysystem

These days it is obviously that the families got "bombed" into pieces right after WWII when the people had been suffering already the losses of many of their familymembers either because they were dead or alienized to each other through long years of imprisonenment and all the other terror they had been going through. I remember well how my mother and her sisters was suffering this, one of her sisters even suicided herself because she could not get over it. How do they call it today? Post traumatic stress disorder; they all were suffering that: civilians and soldiers alike, through the whole continent till Sibiria, no matter if Frenchmen or German or Russian or American. They were suffering the loss of human dignity as victims and perpetrators, no one had been only a victim but many were perpetrators as well, forced to harm and kill other humans and animals. They were completely manipulated and forced into WWII somehow over night through the hidden planned inscenario. "Did`nt you know?", how many children had been asking this later: the next target, the babyboomer afterwar generations. Even they went through the "nice" times after the reconstruction of Europe and Russia and the then so called economic miracle something unspeakable was wrong. I could not look into the eyes of my mother, they were frozen from something. Every family had such kind of things in their mental underground; each and every family. Germans anyway got no right to even talk while we the babyboomer got subliminal suggested in the schools how worse these people, our parents, must have been. Germans had to take the public guilt for the whole WWII by the Jewish-Tool: 666, alone. Of course these things did not happen openly, they went underground: subliminal. Unspoken questions and unspoken answers. Can you imagine the opposition this caused? Can you remember? Can you formulate it, can you admit it: We, the Babyboomer Generation were led into the biggest subliminal war against our souls as part of families. We, these generations had been the first who had led their Elders down; brought them into Elderly Houses. Separations had been the answers on the unspoken mental after-terror from WWII. The Hippie and Peacemovement had been prepared already for us: Of course we would oppose war and we would oppose our parents too. No one knew that this was on purpose, preplanned by the hidden hands. Did you never wonder how it came that the Beatles got honoured by the Aristocrats? Sir, Knight? Did we face the If you cannot beat them join them tool or did we face a well prepared psychological warfare against the whole After-War-Generation and their Parents, who had passed WWII? After the LOVE and PEACE tool the next one was already prepared and delivered: Feminism. First the Generations got separated, then the Genders ...the single parenthood: what an easy target left to be destroyed with the permalink MOTHERLOVE: never enough. Of course not: no women can bring up her children alone. But how easy it is to blame a mother that she did not love enough ...allthough it had been the rest of the society who led the mother down. The children will not know that but a part of them will blame MAMA. Defragmentation of the families, that had been the hidden program latest since WWII; we got prepared to be cattled by the "States" who are taking our children, destryoing them in their system. I know it is so hard for us babyboomer to realize: we have got led astray. We did not want that; we wanted peace and love. We did not know that this was a tool for WWIII and mass-mind-control. . I don`t know how this really all works out: how is that with the assassination of John Lennon; a human sacrifice gets used twice? They got him out of the way as a whistlebower and by the same time they could fix the "left" brain even stronger: You see folks oppose, go for Communism and the NEW World Order? I don`t know yet how this exactly functions. It seems to make a defragmentation into us; something like always knowing that leaders are bad and that this must be like that and not like we really feel how it should be, that our best ones are our leaders like parents are those who are taking care on us as children. They are working somehow with that split into our minds. Make your own reflections about it.