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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Paperwork and the Men in Black

What happens when the Dollar dies? Can you see how idiotic we got? How can something without life dy? When I was small I listened to the stories of the Elders that they got somehow magically from some kind of Men in Black (Suits) 40 Marks to start their lives after WWII again. I did not really understand that and so I left it for the adults to understand it. They did not understand it either. But yet they were running for this piece of paper as if they could eat or drink it. So what happens when the Dollar dies? Nothing of importance should be the real answer, just nothing than the dead of illusions and misunderstandings. It is a fraud: no one can eat money and it does not matter if that money is issued as a piece of paper or made from Gold. Can you eat Gold? And here we get deeper into the matter. What can we eat? Exactly, we can eat an apple unless it is poisoned. We can use the fruits from Mother Earth (meaning the Elements) which she again produces by her love with Father in the Heavens. I do not know how to express it different than that the female part is responsible for the inner circle and the male part is resonsible for the outer circle. It is a constant dance of the female and male aspect of energy which is producing what we call reality or the Life in 3D. Breathing in and breathing out - eating in and sheeting out, sleeping and awakening ... up and down or in other words: Balance of negative directed energy and positive directed energy. If we get out of balance we feel debt, somehow falling into a hole. One should wonder how that word hole evolved into the word holiness, shouldn`t we? God save the Queen, the Pope-s said so and asked Mohammed to agree. And what came out of that? They own Earth. So this shows us in short terms what religion was and is about: they got it all and soon they will not need any money, not even a piece of paper; neither a piece of paper on which they write how much next you own them nor a birth certificate. They take y..our DNA and chip us to be able to locate and eliminate us. So why to boarder with our legal name and birth certificate? Of course we are not that legal name like we are not that piece of paper called Birth Certificate. No, I do not want to dismiss the work of Kate of Gaia and others; I love it. They do a lot of freedom work for humanity. The problem appears when it gets to Earth. They claim ownership of the Earth. So where do I go with myself? They do not claim the ownership of Earth with paperwork unless by their holiness scriptures, they do that by the use of Mercenaries and Violence and Poison. And that it is what we are seeing now blatantly, don`t we? Do the Mercenaries called Cops respect any kind of law? Would they, if that law would not be the law of our enslavement but a real law which acknowledges anybodies right to move on Earth freely? This people kill or let kill as brutal as they can. Does that mean that I suggest you to take them down with violence? Why not? Ask yourself: why should a handful of clearly identifiable psychopaths continue to kill all over people and animals including Earth herself? They are in war against Earth and her living beings. So, I am surely expecting such things to happen. These folks have to be taken down. But without a change in our consciousness I don`t think that even a successful global revolution will last well. And that consciousness must be based on that insight that no one owns Earth, not even a piece of it. Do not consent any longer to ownership on Earth, but please listen to Kate, what she has to say.