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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Facts not Theories Depopulation Geoengineering

Folks, wake up and stop childish ways of ignorance. I won`t argue with anyone if these things exist or not because it is like discussing if water exists or not, with other words pretty silly. So if I talk with people about these murder attacks I talk about them without these special ways of convincing them which missionaires might need to bring their religious fanatism to other people. I am questioning people how it can be that they cannot see what it is given? I am asking them if they forgot already that they were drawing clouds like sheeple when they were younger/children, that they were even counting these cloud-sheeples to better fall asleep, so how comes that they forgot? Are they sick, I am asking them? I am asking them, if they suffer Alzheimer, what would not surprize me because these kind of poisons turn people sick; they get Alzheimer (unknown in earlier times in such huge amount of concerned people) or any other sickness. I am asking them, if I shall not take them anymore serious because they are lying me that they would not see these criss crossing stripes on the skies and no more Sun under the sky. Yes I am asking the people pretty strong if they wish me to see them as unserious people who do not mind neither themselves, nor their children and also refuse me my humanity. Real Humans do not communicate in such a foolish way to deny each other even that the sun is this and the water is that. I go straight to the point like with Alcoholics: Nobody can discuss with Alcoholics if they are drinkers or not. They always deny what it is obviously. Some people are wasting their very time with them through argueing: you are drinking too much, you should reduce and so fort; other relatives of drinkers do the biddings of the drinkers and excuse them as ill with of course another sickness but alcoholism so that they cannot come to work and so fort. This people who are carrying the denials further around are called: Co-Alcoholics, they do not drink them own but are part of the problem. Because of that it is a waste, just a waste of energy to debate and debate ... just like we are facing that worldwide with people who are denying us the truth about Chemtrails: we are breathing poison. Folks, the people know as much as you know; they know that the skies should be blue, the clouds should be sheeple, the sun should give them a nice feeling on their skin and the winds should enlighten just everything from within. They know just like you know what is to be known but they are chemtrail-alcoholics may be even more: water alcoholics, MC-Donald-Alcoholics and so fort. When you are confronting them with these things they know they would have to change their lifestyle and they do not want that for certain reasons (weakness). In fact they are convinced that they cannot do anything to bring about a change in human favour. They agreed long time ago to be a slave even if they would not admit it but prefer to pretend otherwise: even the funny idea that Americans would be free. That it is what we are facing these days, huge amount of slaves who are even hiding their inner and outer slavery. How to treat these folks? Don`t give them space to also spoil up the rest of your dignity with their weakett behavior. A husband who starts to drink and drink and drink is not anymore ones husband like before. Yes folks, this is the pretty hard reality which many of us who do not deny Geoengineering are facing: we are loosing our husbands or friends and so fort. They are telling us that we are alike for them, their weakettness is of more importance for them. And so I am treating these people, so to speak as part-enemies and probably even fulltime enemies. This sounds hard to you, don`t? Think it through. If you are not a deniar of the current depopulation program you know that we are rushing to much harder things like par example police violence. Where are these "friends" or "relatives" then, who cannot even spend a bit truth to you: yes they are spraying us? Are such folks going to stand with you in case X? You see, what it is meant? Get serious with your relationships to people. That it is part of the solution. Leave the masque down which you yourself was also wearing, like "I am fine", while you wasn`t fine at all and would have needed a warm and helping hand. In the Geoengineering "Affair" we are dealing with much more than with poison, we are dealing with our humanity, may be with a tiny rest of it. Lately they arrested a 90 Year old man who was feeding homeless people. That it is where we are as a specie now. More Facts with a lot of documents