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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Soon you are darkened and frozen in global warming

educate your children... in the schools they brainwash them. Make sure that none of these Insane Elites can furtheron claim Earth as property including its weather. That is torture and you and you and us together have to stop that. What really happened is that Our Earth changed from Pisces to Waterman and so we had for a while 2 Suns and a lot of solar waves. The most best informations about that you can get from Santos Bonacci. Unfortunately it seems he has some troublings these days - be aware, some people try to take advantage out of that and to discredit Santos ... like here you see ...with the Sovereign Story and so fort. Santos never said that it is easy to be Sovereign, actually that got abused over centuries. If he gets hunt is not a reason to make fun out of it or to confirm another round of weakettness because we will all die if we go into such round again. Folks: Stick with people from who you learned a lot and stop following Mobbers, however they make themselves up. I won`t mention anyone, you will know when this comes into your fingers. I personally took a lot of knowledge from Santos efforts - for free. I can`t find any reason for anyone to discredit Santos, such way is disgusting. Here you go, find more by his name, website or right here.