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Sunday, November 23, 2014

It is not Green but Fascism

Please, I guess you know already, but may be you have to teach your children or who ...The Greens are not in anyhow interested in Mother Earth as a beautiful Paradize for all of us and the Animal and Plant Kingdom; they are interested in Power and Slavery. Greens are pretty integrated in the Transhumanism Agenda. Please get more informations here And this is how things will continue if people accept that: they will cattle the children. And like cattles they will consume them: their sexes, their organs, their souls. And you or you or you will be responsible for that. Don`t believe that? Of course not. Some 15 years ago people allowed their pets to be castrated and numerated and vaccinated and chipped. Back then I said: if you allow this, we will be next. Never ...had been the answer. Well ..