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Monday, November 24, 2014

Social Services are destroying families

There is an African saying: It needs a whole village to care for a child. The Familysystem got systematically destroyed latest since the so called Industrialisation, in fact much earlier since we are living under Governments from Aristocrats. The natural systems of tribes have their own ways to care for children: the Genders know what to do, the generations know what to do and the sister-and brotherhoods and all the other people of a tribe know what to do in order of the care for the child. There is no way unless by wars that a child could be taken away from his natural family, the whole tribe. Even if the mother or father is not available for some reason there will be the grandmother or grandfather or the uncles and sisters, even a non related member of the village would still be related to the child. What could be such reasons that a child gets fostered by another relative or member of the tribe: Death, Accidents or a women has much of children and her sister none but wants one (so they share but by free will). I was living among black societies where these structures can still be seen. They function and they function well. Even in Jamaica where lots of people are suffering the devaluation of their own currency through the US and Canadean tourists or permanent foreign residents .. even there, where the real Jamaicans are usually suffering strange poverty and many of the children pass certain days together with their parents days with no food, even there the children grow up pretty strong compared with the children in the so called highly developed countries, where the family structures and neigbourhoods are about to crash like broken chemtrailed trees. The ongoing Industrialisation separated first the fathers from their wives and children and pulled them into the industries. Over poverty many women/mothers were also forced into the industries to find some small money to feed the children. In such cases the bigger sisters or brothers took care on the younger ones. It had been the time when the Aristocrates and their State-Governments went in and overtook our natural ways; any singly indigeneous tribe was pressed through that "culture" .. a modern word is through social engineering. They build up their Social Services: Kindergardens, Schools and all of these things called education and welfare. They replaced the original and natural by God given system of a tribe with the Social Systems in which so called educated kindergardener and so fort overtook the natural responsibilities of the families. Step by step these Aristocratic States separated all the members from their family branch: Elders were brought into Elderly houses, children in kindergardens .. yes even birth was no more given to children at home but in hospitals where they got "welcomed" from people who had nothing to do with them ... unless earning their money out of them. In traditional families the Elders had taken care for the little ones and lateron they would have to balance for that care in childhood by taken care on the Elders. Things were properly balanced and so there were no depressions and anxieties and all these modern mental problems people are facing these days increasingly. Of course is a single mother in danger to get depressions after she had given birth to a child; of course. She could suffer such thing also for some hours thou she was living in a tribe, but they would knew this: It is naturally nothing than the time she needs to adopt the new hormonale situation. Her whole body would have to rearrange and adopt the new situation. And there would be sisters or her mother who would take care on the little one when so needed for some hours, or the father or so many other members of the family or the neighbourhood. But in the Modern States we got like the Cattles who we also made crazy due to our weakettness against those, who imposed all that shit on us. Those, who see us the same way like they make us to see the cows, the Aristocrats. But we bowed down to them. So now that we have domesticated all the animals we are on the line; the final step: they are taking our babies, sometimes right after birth. No, not for no reason: they are making business with the children. They are selling children to infertile but rich people and what they are doing with them? Get yourself some reasonable answers and do something before the human race is finally gone astray.