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Friday, November 14, 2014

The bottom of the line

I love these two people both. I love Mister Spencer touching things which are hidden; I love Mister Wigington who insists on the bottom of the line: It does not matter what all you complain about: White genocide versus black genocide as if we could accept to loose any human and whatsoever: All life on Earth is under Genocide threat and the thing is: We are all breathing that poisoned air, all human races no matter which colour; all Animals, no matter which race, all plants no matter which race. So it is very clear: You and you and you have to stop to deny that threat and to wait until you can`t breath anylonger anything than poison. It even doesn`t matter if another specie is behind that threat; you have to do something, if you wonna survive. If you can`t get that basic cleverness that you depend on healthy conditions of the earthly elements, what else to debate even with you? The next basic bottom of the line is, that humans are doing this on humans. It does not matter which kind of God they might follow or be influenced through: they are murderers. That it is all, what you have to get clear about. And the rest is: are you such murderer as well, somehow in compliance with that shit. Where does that start? It starts with your denial. Please don`t complaint anything else. For me it is already that way how I look on so called humans; anyone who denies Chemtrails is for me a complicit to those murderers. Again: anyone no matter which excuse they are spitting into my face. They are traitors. It would be a little thing if everybody would speak out: Hello, what it is going on in the sky. But if people are that weakett that they cannot even do that, in a way they deserve it to get fucked up. That does not excuse those pschopaths who are actively doing these threats but puts the fingers on those who actively allow them to do so. With other words, it must get your first duty to fight Chemtrails as much as possible.